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Leaked new LX Sad Cabrio
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Leaked new LX Sad Cabrio
This is the new LX Sad cabrio for LFS, a revolution in car industry! It doesn't have suspension because low car life am i RIGHT? Big grin #LEAKED Sry Devs :C
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#2 - Racon
Ooopsie. Skim a container a little too tight, did we? Smile

PS: Almost as good as 9397's Lamborghini Countach he made from an XFG...
Code name #Sadbrio
I like cabrio fbm better
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2018-07-19 13-57-26.100.jpg
#6 - lucaf
Codename LP500? XD

LP500 looks like will be fun, adly i found only LP250 in lfs :/

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2018-08-19 20-24-36.966.jpg
2018-08-19 20-24-12.468.jpg
#8 - Litro
That back of red XRG! Big grin

Leaked new LX Sad Cabrio
(8 posts, started )