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LFSManual - image alignment seems broken
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LFSManual - image alignment seems broken
Hi there! I just opened up LFSmanual, but the first thing that I noticed is that the main page is a bit messed up. The LFS logo and the handbook image seems to ignore the set alignment, which is 'right'. I noticed this on a different page as well, on Version History, where the timeline image should be centered but isn't. Thumbnail pictures are NOT affected (as far as I can tell, for example on Tracks), but standalone pictures and images are. Has anything changed mediawiki-wise, or maybe it's just a bug? Smile

EDIT: after some more investigation, the image sizes are ignored, too. Good example: Blackwood, but you can see this on the main page as well.
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(still an issue. I think it is quite a huge one as the complete manual looks messy right now - all the carefully edited and scaled images on pages are messed up)
It's as if Wiki changed its image resize syntax rules...
I mean, before images were "right", while now, without any editing, the same old image tags ignore size parameters...weird.
Any news on this? Frown I remember I planned to create an infobox for all the tracks, maybe revamp the pages, but lost motivation because of this issue... also, it wouldn't really be possible to create such things with images, when the syntax is ignored Frown
Right, that page lists all the image syntax rules, but since all parameters are ignored, I believe we need Victor to look into this issue. I suspect an unintentional update to MediaWiki engine happened .. but I'm no expert on this topic Frown
I'm editing the main page, following this link
and making some blind tries:

Change the logo syntax to
and under the image you can read "left" as text (same with "right");

If you edit it to
you can now read "1000px", so it looks like some bug.

Change the logo syntax to
(you can as well delete the "left" part) and the image shrinks quite a bit.

...More confused than before ;-)
Since Victor doesn't accept PMs, we just have to hope he stops by and writes something about this issue.
Looks okay to me now
Unfortunately, nothing changed here (both on Edge and Chrome).
Yep Now I see it Smile
I just saw this issue is now fixed!
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Quote from Ripley :I just saw this issue is now fixed!

I don't think so, still messed up here Frown
Yes, sorry, I don't know what I saw...or drank...
Images are still messed on my side, too.
I tried on an empty page (my user page) to insert an re-sized image, very basic without the templates, and it was always full-size there, too.
So I think it is maybe a problem with some setting in mediawiki.

I found this: ,see last post:

in LocalSettings.php set $wgGenerateThumbnailOnParse = true; 
It's such a strange issue though, as it worked flawlessly before. Victor, we need your help! Smile
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Image sizing/alignment issue solved by the recent updates (MediaWiki, PHP, or any of those updates) made by Victor! Smile Thumbs up

Quote from thread :

Quote from Victor :*snip*
The manual does work again but logins are still disabled for now. I had to upgrade PHP and Mediawiki and they changed their whole 3rd party authentication system. I still have to re-implement logging in with your LFS account.

LFSManual - image alignment seems broken
(18 posts, started )