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LFS Trailer by [GAME]
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LFS Trailer by [GAME]
the [GAME] Team, MrSuper[GAME] and me, In[GAME] made this little Trailer for Live for Speed... Not the best but quite good... Done with lots of love and time Smile

Give us feedback if u know how we can improve this Video...
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Quote from THE WIZARD DK :very nice video. not sure if anything should be made otherwise. have you seen other trailers for LFS on youtube ? or just got inspired to make it? it is very obvious some time was put into this . very nice indeed Smile

Nope, havent seen any other Trailers... Was just bored at home and startet playing around with the Layout Editor and thats the result 3 Days later XD. Glad u like it Smile
#3 - Litro
Very nice! Smile
You forgot the IMO best video ever made for LFS (also by kraniwani):

#5 - V_Ro
Nice video,nice work.

LFS Trailer by [GAME]
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