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JAM Racing - Jamaican Crosscountry Skiers
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Quote from k_badam :is there a Jamaican guy in your team?

Sure! How uninformed are you... Shrug

jesse is sexi
slowi how's csgo?
Arco and Darra biggest noobs 2015 full speed rammers much grip hax
Team ORECA in WRC2 with Teemu Suninen and the Skoda Fabia R5
Much grats, many luck wishes.
very Beautiful team, good luck Smile
Quote from DarknessPainF1 :Joel Näreaho (darrajunior)
but apparently still gets laid IRL

i aren't think that

ps. joonas, hajoa liian helppoihin aamuihin
EZ for JAM mara
Woah, that's definitely impressive.
rip samis cruising career Frown
rip FrownFrown
marakattimax representing Jamaican crosscountry in WRC!
News from the rallying world

As of today, Teemu Suninen aka. LFS nickname "marakattimax" is racing his second WRC class rally in Finland. The young finn is not doing half bad either, scoring two fastest stages, and is 3rd overall with a 19 second gap behind the rally leader E. Lappi. It is the second rally for Teemu in the WRC1 class, as he jumped from WRC2 in the middle of the season to try out his skills in the big league Thumbs up. In WRC2 Teemu placed second overall last season, with 3 big wins in the bag from Mexico, Italy and Poland.

This is what Teemu had to say after 12 stages:

"Fifth fastest on SS12 but we are still third in the overall standings. Currently 19 seconds behind EP Lappi who is leading when we still have Harju stage (SS13) to do tonight. Long day ahead tomorrow."

You can check how Teemu is doing HERE

You can also check his feelings and how he's doing in Teemu's offical FaceBook page Cool
EZ for JAM mara
This guy good
Onko koko tallilla skinejä???

JAM Racing - Jamaican Crosscountry Skiers
(60 posts, started )