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Sport Racing Team Finland: FAQ
Here you can find answers to questions you may have in your mind. Feel free to ask something else related to Sport Racing Team Finland's server and it's races/events Smile

General information about the team and server:
Question: What is Sport Racing Team Finland?
Answer: Sport Racing Team Finland (before 2014, it's name was just Sport Racing Team), also known as SRT and SRT Finland, is a team which was established in April 27, 2010. For 2010-2012, it raced pretty much only in Maailman Nopein Kansa (MNK) and After having a silent break in 2013, it started to organize races and series in 2014. After having a couple test races, SRT held it's first race exactly four years later from it's establishment. For first couple months, it only held races on Sundays. In June 2014, SRT started to held races in Saturdays as well and in mid-January 2015, Fridays were also reserved to races.

Since then, SRT has organized over 400 races and almost 50 different kind of series. To celebrate SRT's 3-year anniversary with organizing these races, we decided to expand our series to as well. And now, at the May 3, 2017, it has it's own subsection in here!

Question: What is the server name called? Is it open for everyone? Can I join racing as well?
Answer: Server name is Sport Racing Team Finland. Yes, it is open for everyone (except those who are banned) 24/7 unless otherwise noted. You can join there as well Smile

Question: What does "unless otherwise noted" mean in practice?
Answer: It means that server is not password protected during qualifying and races. However, if the race type requires it or the race organizer wishes, server will be protected with password during race (and usually it's protected with password during qualifying as well)

Question: Can I vote to restart? Is car reset allowed? Can I select a track even if I'm not an admin?
Answer: Server regulations are usually following:
- Allow vote kick / ban: no
- Allow guests to select tracks: yes
- Qualifying enabled: yes
- Allow mid-race join: yes and no* (see below)
- Allow car reset: yes in qualifying, usually no in race
- Pit stop required: yes
- Force cockpit view: no
- Cruise (wrong way allowed): no

* = Mid-race joining is allowed, but if more than 20% of the race distance has been driven (for example, 5 laps of the 25 lap race), no one (with the exception of Admins and Limads) can rejoin anymore. So if you wonder, why you can't join racing, this is the reason. You have to wait until the race ends.

And, you cannot vote to restart/end qualifying/race. You simply cannot. Here's why: in February 2016, we decided to open the server for everyone. However, it caused many problems and unclear situations during qualifying, when somebody decided to vote for race which caused to reset qualifying results completely. Because this happened several times, we decided to prohibit voting to restart/end qualifying/race completely.

Question: Does the server use LFS Lapper or Airio? Or anything else?
Answer: Server is using Airio Pros as an InSim.

Question: So, when the races will be held?
Answer: Races are held on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When you're joining into the server, you can see on the Welcome-text that what time the races are held.

On every Friday and Saturday, the schedule for the races is following:
- 15:45-19:45: Qualifying (yes, qualifying lasts 4 hours. It's not hardcore-qualifying however. Instead, drivers are allowed to leave the server and rejoin later freely)
- 19:45-20:00: Warm-Up, during this, I (or somebody else from SRT) will brief everyone about the race (race length, amount of (required pit stops) and other special regulations will be told during this)
- 20:00: Race begins, race usually lasts about 20-50 minutes.

All times are in UTC+2 (Finnish-time)

On Sundays, schedule for races may be the same as it is during Fridays and Saturdays. However, because that weekday is also reserved for special races, it may have a different schedule which means that qualifying may start later than it normally would or the race starts earlier etc.)

Question: Can I see information of the future races/events?
Answer: Sure, you can see them from this subsection in here forum, you can see them as well in SRT's forum, if you understand Finnish and register there.

When I have enough time, I will also post the races in as well. I have league called Sport Racing Team Finland already there.

However, you can see this week and next (two) week races, if you join to server and type command !events. I'm updating that on every third Sunday.

You may wonder, why the races have different colors? Well, if you type command !event, you see a explanation of the different colors used in command !events. I've posted them here as well:
- White: Race is normal, it doesn't have any special regulations
- Yellow: AI-drivers may race alongside human players
- Red: Only AI-drivers are allowed to participate
- Pink: Server is password protected for the event (it's always password protected if the event is Red-colored)
- Blue: Event has some special regulations not related to AI or password protecting, please contact a server admin or race organizer for more information
- Cyan: Race was originally driven in 2014-2016 and is therefore using the original rules as a rulebook. Therefore, that event is not using a rulebook called SRT-law, which has been official rulebook in these events from January 1, 2017 onwards.

Question: Wait WHAT!?! AI-DRIVERS!?!
Answer: Yes, one of the more interesting features is that AI-drivers may - if certain conditions are met - participate and race in these events.

AI-drivers are intended for following purposes:
1) Endurance-races, we actually tried in 2015 to have an endurance-series, where both human players and AI-drivers are allowed to race. However, only one human decided to drive alongside AI-drivers. No prizes for guessing who won 5 of 6 races. So we decided to make another season of that Endurance-series, but this time only AI-drivers were allowed to participate.

2) Risk vs. Reward-type of races. In these races, both human players and AI-drivers are allowed to participate. However, everyone can make a choice, whether to drive him/herself without having the "help" from his/her AI's or to not drive itself. In the latter case however, player is allowed to put two AI's on the track instead. So, if the player has a good AI-drivers and/or bit of luck, (s)he may gain more points from the event than had (s)he decided to participate him/herself without AI's. But of course, there is a risk that player's AI's are so stupid and slow that the player doesn't get any points of the event.

3) Tournament-based races. Whether it's Single/Double-elimination-based or Round Robin-based tournament, AI-drivers may be allowed in these. Because the races are usually so short and AI-drivers so slow, it's quite unlikely that they cause any harm to the human players itself.

Usually in purposes 1 and 3, everyone is allowed to put up to 3 AI's on track.

Question: So wait a second? Are AI-drivers allowed every time, if there is a Risk vs. Reward-type of race, or Endurance/Tournament-based race?
Answer: No, no, no, no. AI-drivers may be allowed only in these situations:
1) If the race is being held on Sunday - Sundays are reserved for special races, this is why Endurance- and Risk vs. Reward-type of races are usually held on Sundays.

So generally, if the race is not being held on Sunday, AI-drivers may not participate in that race. However, there are two exceptions for this:

2) If the race is Tournament-based event - doesn't matter if it's Single/Double Elimination- or Round Robin-based tournament, AI-drivers may be allowed in these races

3) If the race was originally driven in 2014-2016 and conditions render it necessary to use AI-drivers -
what the "conditions render it necessary to use AI-drivers" means is that AI-drivers are allowed in this case, but only, if the original race had AI-drivers as well.

In all other cases, no AI-drivers at all. And it's not guaranteed, that on every Sunday or whenever there is a Tournament-based event AI-drivers may participate. Decisions related using AI-drivers in events when they may be allowed to participate are made by server admins separately for each event.

Question: So, what is the SRT-law?
Answer: SRT-law is a rulebook for Sport Racing Team Finland. It's available only in Finnish at the moment. It has been the official rulebook for SRT's events since January 1, 2017.

The rulebook is available only at SRT's forum and at the not yet published SRT's website. Even though it has over 150 rules, vast majority of the rules are just common sense. So you shouldn't have anything to worry about Wink

Question: How the points will be given in these races?
Answer: Point system is usually this:
1st place: 10 points
2nd place: 8 points
3rd place: 6 points
4th place: 5 points
5th place: 4 points
6th place: 3 points
7th place: 2 points
8th place: 1 point
9th-> place: 0 points

This may however differ from series. Some series have had a GP2 or F1 points system.

Usually in order to be classified and receive points, driver must complete at least 80% of the race distance. That percentage amount has also changed in some series.

Question: May the event be cancelled if necessary?
Answer: In 2014-2016, there really wasn't a reason to cancel an event, unless server failed. In 2017 however, event may be cancelled if:
1) At the moment race should start, there are 0-3 drivers on the server/track or
2) At least 80% of the drivers retire from the race before the percentage amount which is the minimum amount to be classified and receive points (usually it's 80%). In this case, results will be determined as two laps before the event was cancelled. So if the race/event was cancelled at lap 27, results will be determined as of the end of the 25th lap.

Other questions:
Question: How can I contact you?
Answer: You can contact me on SRT's server, I'm using name [SRT]Traceur, although that Traceur-part may be written in Japanese as well. You may also use this subsection to contact me or just simply use private message-feature in LFS Forum to contact me!

Question: I have other questions!
Answer: Just ask! If you don't ask, you can't find answer to your question. It's that simple!

Question: Okay, what is the Admin-password for SRT's server?
Answer: Admin-password is... wait, sorry, I can't tell that for you. I can already imagine how complicated those races will be if everyone has that admin-password. That's why I can't tell that for you, sorry Frown
Two more questions and answers:

Question: I got kicked out from server after joining SRT? Why?
Answer: It's because that server's Airio has a system that if someone joins to server and has [SRT]-tag in his/her nickname and that driver is not Limad or Admin at that moment of server, he/she will be immediately kicked. Just wait for a moment and you get promotion in your "career" to Limad.

Question: I can't join even though under 20% of the race distance has been driven! Why?
Answer: Most likely because:
1) You've already rejoined three times (for the first 20%, all drivers may rejoin up to three times and after 20% has been driven, no one (with the exception of Admins and Limads) can rejoin anymore),
2) You don't have enough restrictions (intake restriction and/or added mass) on your setups. Either ask server Admin/Limad about the restrictions or press F11 when viewing another driver to see what restrictions are required or
3) Something is wrong with your setups (most likely wrong tires or you have passengers; only co-driver is allowed).

Sport Racing Team Finland: FAQ
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