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User profile details page
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#1 - lucaf
User profile details page
On user profile details page you can enter your Youtube channel. The address path of the channel (/user) is outdated - Youtube no longer supports that kind of path. /USER should be replaced with /CHANNEL
Maybe newer channels have the /channel, but the first channel I opened still has the /user so I don't see the real issue here.
The real fix should probably be that there's no prefix, so you would manually add channel/user, whichever applies to your channel.
#3 - lucaf
Thanks for correcting this
Yup, older channels that were created before the merger of Google still has /user/(the username the channel is when the person created it) , or if you have a custom webname.

For newer channels we just have a bunch of letters, which comes under /channel, which LFS hasn't supported in the profile page yet.
** Best answer **
I've moved the "user/" part into the user editable field so that you can now include "channel/" in your YouTube name. Not really ideal, but it needs to be this way for now as old accounts with "user/namehere" may not work with "channel/namehere" so it's not a drop in replacement unfortunately.

User profile details page
(6 posts, started )