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iTCC Holiday Special: Signup
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51/prOmo_LTU/Laurynas Matonis/Lithuania/wkd racing
Quote from Shikari_San :68/Shikari_San/Sam Corson/UK/[TC] Racing

So tomorrow I will probably not be here, but there might still be a slight change I can make it
29/Bungo/Niklas Björklund/Sweden/GraVt Racing Team
(Ring) DELETED by Ring : :P
84/three_jump/Jan Mueller/Germany/Triple 7 Racing
65/franky.s/Frank Sinchety/UK/
Are the signups still open? Well, here I go:
37/MandulAA/Dániel Balla/Hungary/Race Green Autosports
66/MagicHexer/Henrik Fortelius/Finland/
Entries are now closed. If you need to withdraw, or change something on your entry, please PM me here on the fourms.

Disregard, for now, entries will close at 16:15 UTC. Allowing extra time for anyone who is in server now who wants to race. We're at 31 entries as of this writing, we can handle several more before hitting our need to pre-qual.
30/anterokuulapää/Miika Haapanen/Finland/rForce
Entries are now closed.
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iTCC Holiday Special: Signup
(35 posts, closed, started )