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iTCC Holiday Special: Signup
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iTCC Holiday Special: Signup

iTCC 2016: Round 0a - Signups

To enter the 2016 iTCC Holiday Special, make a post here giving your requested car number, LFS licence name, real name, nationality, and team name (if representing a team). Separate each field with a /, no space between the text of the field and the /. Example:

1/dekojester/Jonathan Palmer/USA/New Dimension Racing

Any number 2-99 is free for selection. Number 1 is reserved for the defending iTCC champion, Simon "SCA-F1" Cattell.

Signups are open NOW, and will close 2h5m before the start of the reserve shootout. ,

Licence and Entry Requirements for Drivers

No entry requirements.
No NDR Licence Grade limitation.

Entries are tracked in the attached PDF - last updated at the last post edit time.
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#2 - pik_d
22/pik_d/Spencer Rose/USA/[TC] Racing
82/mbutcher/Pete Butcher/UK/[TC] Racing
68/Shikari_San/Sam Corson/UK/[TC] Racing
33/miki d/Miki Denic/Serbia/-
8/Iginla/Jesse Telkkälä/Finland/JAM Racing
47/michal 1279/Michal Málek/Czech Republic/Master Race car
19/przemek21061995/Przemek Wdowiarz/Poland/Conquest Racing
96/Eclipsed/Rony Kronpušs/Latvia/Race Green Autosports
95/bacabinha/Marcelo Neiva/ Brazil/ Energy Virtual Racing

26/J@tko/Jack Atkinson/GBR/L'Equipe Saucisse de Foie
7/Darrajunior/Joel Näreaho/Finland/JAM Racing
10/VictorMateus123/Victor Veloso/Brazil/Energy Virtual Racing
48/fernandoigor/Fernando Igor/Brazil/Energy Virtual Racing
42/kamikaze nwe/Paulo Vinícius/Brazil/Energy Virtual Racing
18/KaiqueBRA/Kaique Piropo/Brazil/Energy Virtual Racing
15/Joku123/Sampsa Jurvansuu/Finland/JAM Racing
64/Flame CZE/Martin Kapal/Czech Republic/SAVAGE SimSports
76/Riddick/Charlie Guerra/Sweden/Sonicrealms Racing
25/Bmxtwins/Ray Kingsbury/los estados unidos de los americanas/Last Lap Motorsports
74/WlayCo/Vladan Pavlovic/Serbia/AMT Sim Racing Team
44/FBUT Bishop/Romain Thomas/Belgium/Magic Turtles
52/excellent15/Vytautas Laguckas/Lithuania/ Last Lap Motorsports
46/efexas16/Mindaugas Bartusevicius/Lithuania/
99/k_badam/Adam Brown/Scotland/
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iTCC Holiday Special: Signup
(35 posts, closed, started )