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Round 3 [20 Nov 16] 3 Hours of Westhill
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Round 3 [20 Nov 16] 3 Hours of Westhill

Qualifying will run from Sat, 12 November 2016 16:30UTC until Sun, 20 November 2016 16:30UTC. Drivers can drive as many laps as they wish to. A team needs at least one timed lap to be allowed to start the race. E.g. it is enough that one driver of the team sets a lap. If more then one driver of a team sets a lap time, the faster time will be taken for the starting line-up. The end of the qualifying also marks the deadline for changes to the team's line-up, class or car.

The qualifying password will be published here, so teams, that sign-up can directly do qualifying, even when noone's sending them a password. Please always drive with your correct name format on the server, so it is easier to do the qualifying results. Wink
server: Open Endurance Cup
password (with the start of the qualifying): AOsEtCo3n

Qualifying Standing will be available online at - times are pulled from the server at the top of every hour.

Race starts at 17:00UTC, with the gridding at 16:50UTC. ...
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We're again facing technical problems... Keep you updated for when Airio is live again
Airio is running!
Layout with the starting grid is attatched to the opening post.
Qualifying results
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Ali and I will be missing this round. He cannot make first 2 hours, and I can only devote a little bit of time from my studies. Hopefully there for round 4 Smile

Maybe Ali will show up and log some laps, not sure.
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Round 3 [20 Nov 16] 3 Hours of Westhill
(9 posts, started )