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10 years of LFS!!
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10 years of LFS!!

A few of you may remember me, I used to be quite the forum addict (was once of the first page of most posters, but anyway!) Of course real life got in the way so I stopped coming here as much as I used to.

But I never stopped playing the game, there were dry spells, mainly due to living arrangements, work etc but it was never far from my 'thoughts' during those times. About 18 months ago, I joined a casual racing league, mainly to ensure I played LFS weekly! I love the league for many reasons but one of which is it gives me a reason to LFS every week (and its the highlight of my week!)

Today I celebrated 10 years of LFS and tonight, I shall be racing on this amazing game.
If you are at a loose end, please join me - I will be on a variety of servers so please don't judge me Tongue

Happy racing and here is to another 10 years.

Thank you so much Dev's - you should be really proud of yourselves.
#2 - Racon
Congrats Looney!
Congratulations on the decade anniversary! Time flies by doesn't it? Let's hope the next 10 years will ALSO be filled with enjoyable memories. Wink
Thanks guys!

Jam - Nice to see you here Big grin
Rosewood - It's a pleasure driving with you right now Smile
Those young'uns and newbies...
13 years! Nice!

I did wonder who was the 'oldest' active driver?

EDIT: You haven't raced for 6 years, come on! Tongue
Quote from The General Lee :13 years! Nice!

I did wonder who was the 'oldest' active driver?

EDIT: You haven't raced for 6 years, come on! Tongue

Well, never raced much online, but I still watch the forums and try out new versions!
#8 - AdZy
I just realised I've been a S1 LFS player since my 14th's birthday! :O 12 years have gone by fast!
And I still enjoy racing, although mostly offline against the clock.

(Edited: Noticed I joined already in 2003 :O )
#9 - hda
I've been playing LFS since 2003, I was a very active Codemaster's forum user when Colin McRae Rally 3 was being developed and someone mentioned we should try LFS. I remember gaining points to unlock faster cars in the demo Big grin
Yay for oldies!

We should have another one of those 'lurkers' nights again some time, like the ones Fordie hosted.
#11 - robt
The 'Decade Club' race events are needed! Wink
0.5P here!
Quote from The General Lee :13 years! Nice!

I did wonder who was the 'oldest' active driver?

EDIT: You haven't raced for 6 years, come on! Tongue

Think PVL then me loool but i believe in the old days we didn't have to use usernames lol we just went arround on blackwood
Is that all it's been?
Tonight anyone?
Yeah, why not.

19:00 UTC+1 on [TC] Racing. Some random tracks, random cars, whatever people want until as late as people want. I'll take the password off around then when I get back from work.
Played on and off over the years. A lot in the early days when I was younger. Mostly with "real life" friends on empty servers, but for the most part, offline to practice racing technique. Lately I've been mostly using LFS to teach others.

Got a track day coming up on the 15th, so just to burn some car control in to my dad's head, I've got him in an LX-6 on Fern Bay Rallycross for a while. Just in case he ends up on the grass!

Played a lot of racing sims and racing games over the years and LFS remains my favourite.
I first played the demo in 2007 with a PS2 controller. does that count? Smile
Damn, I am nearly 10yo LFSer too Smile
awww newbs Smile <3
I've opened up [TC] Racing. We're starting with some good ol' GT1 @ AS3.
Congratulations! I started using LFS again because of my dk2 and Vive and the flawless VR Integration. Just getting out of the car and admireing those good old LFS Cars un real scale made me giggle. That being said, just the minor improvement in resolution from DK2 to the Vive was unfortunately enough to surpass lfs visual fidelity. I fear that this will become even worse in future HMD Generation.

Dear Scawen, can u display the VR LFS Main Menu on a wall while beeing in the PitLanes of Blackwood with all the LFS cars goin by or piting?

Written with my mobile phone and german autocorrectionFace -> palm

10 years of LFS!!
(59 posts, started )