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Brexit or Bremain?
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Poll : Brexit or Bremain?

Brexit or Bremain?
I'm not from the UK but follow this with great interest. I have a hard time finding many convincing arguments for a Bremain. I wonder if many from the LFS community are for a Brexit. Yanis Varoufakis seems well placed to understand what is at stake:

Any other earthling brainstorming about this?
Are those two music festivals?
I'd like to see the brexit. Just because I'm curious of what would really happen to both GB and EU.
#6 - Racon
Those who choose the status quo are less likely to respond to polls. As always, look to the bookies, not the polls. Odds are we'll stay.
Quote from Racon :Those who choose the status quo are less likely to respond to polls. As always, look to the bookies, not the polls. Odds are we'll stay.

The same bookies that where giving up to 16-1 odds on the Conservatives getting a majority last time as it was so unlikely, they don't get it right every time Wink

It'll be close either way
#8 - Racon
Yeah, that's the ones Smile
I'll be astounded if Britain leaves.

There are NO exit poll's, I wonder why...Rofl

There were no exit polls for Scottish Independence either........

Edit: The early results are interesting though, usually you can only alter votes by 10% but the Leave vote was clearly massive.

The Scottish vote is interesting in that it mirrors the 'results' of the independence vote, and is very different to the English and Welsh voting pattern.
If I would bet for leaving.... ehh Big grin
Quote from :Because it's not allowed to do this in the UK.

And they are out. Exit. Bye.

What ???????, Exit polls are standard in any democracy. (OK, the EU is not a Democracy so that explains your confusion)

"The major broadcasters BBC and ITV have commissioned exit polls at general elections for many years. In recent years new statistical methods have been introduced to improve the accuracy of prediction of House of Commons seat totals on the basis of an exit poll. The performance of the new methods has been very good. At the 2001 election, when those methods were used (in prototype form, being only partially developed at that stage) for the first time by the BBC, the size of the Labour majority was predicted at 10pm on polling day with an error of just 6 seats; and at the 2005 and 2010 elections the number of seats for the largest party was predicted with no error at all!"

And, despite the very strange Scottish vote, explained if you paid attention to the rigged Independence vote, yes, the UK has voted to leave.

Speaking as someone from an independent country, good one Smile.

Congratulations to getting your Independence and Sovereignty back. Wave
Quote from Racon :As always, look to the bookies, not the polls. Odds are we'll stay.

Doh! Should've had a flutter for an immediate consolation prize... as it is I'll have to wait 'til October and even then I dread to think the cost that'll come at.
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UK does exit polls for elections but not referendums. I don't think an exit poll can accurately call a referendum like it can an election because elections are decided in small areas.
Ok, need to put a bit of context in here.

Exit Polls - The last EU referendum vote was 41 years ago and there was no exit polling done then, therefore there was no baseline to measure how people voted yesterday. This is the same for the Scottish Independence Referendum 2 years ago. LINK EXPLAINING A BIT BETTER THAN I COULD

The Scottish Vote - Scotland has been a very pro EU country (for better or worse)and the SNP is also a very pro EU party. The SNP hold just under a majority in the Scottish Parliament and sent all but 3 MP's to Westminster in the last general election. Taking those key points together, the Scottish vote is not "strange" but in fact very predictable. It now sets up to a future Independence Referendum with hopefully a better result than last time.
It's certainly a very surprising result and made even stranger that it's the Lisbon treaty that brought in Article 50.

Given that it is an EU article it's insanely vague as it was never meant to actually be used, it was simply included to shut up people who wanted a system of leaving the EU.

The focus of the EU is to remove nationhood and the EU to become a 'Single Nation State' I'm still surprised about both Scotland and Northern Irelands vote as the EU would remove both independent states in favour of becoming ÉU'.

Remember that Ireland voted against both Nice and Lisbon Treaties before voting yes''

And I'm sure North Sea Oil had nothing to do with the Scottish Vote (already proven to be rigged with the independence 'vote')

Again well done Britain It will be an interesting journey Smile

Exit polls have historically and throughout the world been used as a check against, and rough indicator of, the degree of election fraud.

And Britain... No Pogroms please, it will upset your bankers.
People like Racer X NZ are the reason I dont want open referendums for anything.. I don't want either insane people like him or those you need to print "remove plastic before baking"on pizza boxes for to have an influence in decisions they do not understand. Just look which terms are NOW trending on Google...

Btw, where is the ignore function in the current layout? I need it for the lunatic up there.
It will be an interesting journey RacerX, regardless of whether we like or it not the decision has been made so we just have to get on with it and make it work, no point in moaning about it. No doubt once the EU stops trying to give us a verbal kicking for standing up and leaving, the press get bored of the scaremongering things will be fine.

Be interesting to see how other countries react now we have gone, especially the major contributors, can see a few more in out votes coming up in the near future.
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Brexit.... In the US of A we call that meal Breakfast.....
Yeah. We're totally clueless about all that here. But we are a little interested. To us it's something other than Trump or Hillary and we're all sick to death of those two morons.
But to be honest the Brexit thing is kinda boring. Where's the riots?
Rebel factions trying to get their piece of the pie? Why haven't the EU forces swarmed into the UK and declare Martial law and shoot the traitors for sedition? Seriously! I mean if y'all can go nuts watching paint dry - oops watching Soccer games, then y'all should be going batsh!t crazy over this. Why isn't London burning dammit?
I wonder though... think we can send Trump and Clinton over there?
Quote from Racer Y :I wonder though... think we can send Trump and Clinton over there?

He's already here, being as informed as ever...

He arrives in Scotland, where he is already far from popular after all the going on with his golf courses there and tweets this

"Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. No games!"

Even though Scotland clearly voted to stay in by a large margin.. Genius

Edit - link

Brexit or Bremain?
(56 posts, started )