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Brexit or Bremain?
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Poll : Brexit or Bremain?

Quote from :Maybe I shouldn't have embed the video; .. The video has a very lengthy description in English about what is going on in the entire French country right now and it doesn't get covered by mass media for some reason. Europe and then especially western Europe is pretty much ****ed up, it's getting out of control as you can see and if the police officers (there are two if you look closely) would have reacted then they probably would have been killed on the spot.

This anarchy behavior will increase in the upcoming years, fascism and nationalism already is getting stronger and will increase further and will shift some gears up when the big recession is going to kick in. And why all of this, basically because the political system, especially the European political system, is failing. It should provide peace, harmony and blablabla but it actually does the opposite. This is one of the top reasons I moved away from my home country myself, I see it going into the wrong direction for quite some years now.

What is trying to be done can be easily explained in LFS terms. Imagine one big LFS server 2048 slots and you say to all on this area you can race, here you can drift, and there you can cruise. Demo and licensed people together and demo can even be anonymous. There is no admin system and enjoy yourself.

Will this succeed? No. In about five seconds you have people crashing, yelling and swearing to each other and probably some DDOS'ing to finish it of. So, what is the solution? Everybody it's own server environment (=> country). Simple.

They thought they could create the USA here, this is so not possible. Way too many different cultures and attitudes.

"it's getting out of control as you can see and if the police officers (there are two if you look closely) would have reacted then they probably would have been killed on the spot."
Nah. those people had what we call a "pussy mentality" Sure they're all tough looking in black and their little sticks, but I bet if the cop would've put a hole in one of them, the rest would run off.
Notice how the attack started and then escalated? They did a wait and see and escalated things once they saw the initial attack wasn't acted upon. There were two chances that cop could've stopped that nonsense. Notice how they backed off once he got out of the cop car for a few seconds? That hesitation? That was fear. The cop could've capitalized on that instant but he didn't. But not being a big fan of cops either, oh well.
But that's really not your point is it?
Be like the US of A.? Why? Like you said,"too many cultures and attitudes". That and a lot more.
The first thing all the member states would have to do is get rid of all that over regulation.
It seems what they did was stack up even more regulations and ordinances instead of streamlining.
The second thing? Throw out all that social crap and promote the right of the individual.
That's a tough one. It's also a very slippery slope that can totally screw up on you if you're not careful.
That's a problem we have here. It can create oligarchs.

"They thought they could create the USA here," LOL these folks might want to wait about 6 more years and see what happens here before pushing that little idea.
fake news
canadians are from scotland tho, why dont they join us? Frown
Exit Polls? Here's the trouble with polling. Spin the questions a certain way and specifically target a certain demographic, and the person that is conducting the poll gets the answer they want. Or gets the answer they want YOU to see.
They do that crap here with so many issues, no one really takes them seriously anymore. Especially the gun grabber crowd. The gun grabbers and the pro-drug war morons are masters of that B.S.

But Brexit or Bremain? I'm not a UKer and I don't really know all the pros and cons of staying or going.
LOL The UK should join up with Iran and North Korea and form the Legion of Doom.

Brexit or Bremain?
(56 posts, started )