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2016 Touring Car racing (WTCC, BTCC, DTM, V8 Supercars, etc.)
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2016 Touring Car racing (WTCC, BTCC, DTM, V8 Supercars, etc.)
The 2016 V8 Supercars season pass is now available. The season starts this weekend with the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide, NSW.

- All quali sessions live and vod.
- All race sessions live and vod.

AUD 39.95, I was billed 27.26€. It appears that PayPal is the only available payment processor this year. Well worth the money if one is interested in the series, in my opinion.

Quote :SuperView
39.95 AUD
2016 Championship Pass

Every 2016 championship qualifying session
Every 2016 championship race
On-Demand replays of 2016 championship qualifying sessions and races
Watch LIVE & uninterrupted

Not available within Australia or New Zealand. Excludes Australian Grand Prix

#2 - robt
Will be getting this myself. Just waiting for the GBP vs AUD price to suit me best Big grin
#3 - robt
Well, got the superview. Anybody seen the Quali for race 1 and 2 yet or just me?
I've seen it.

Spoiler - click to reveal
- Surprised that Pye got it, but there's the race in which to lose the lead yet..
- Very happy to see Mostert right back up there.
- It looks as if Van Gisbergen will need a few weekends to catch up to Whincup.
- Go away Frosty Frown

What an insane finish to race two. Ban this sick filth! Fap

Race 3, what a fiasco. The racing itself was exciting, as one might expect given the circumstances, but these rules mang. Something needs to change, because that was a proper mess.

Regarding the start issue
Spoiler - click to revealSource:
Quote :
9.4.6 The SC will withdraw in the prescribed manner when directed by the RD.
9.4.7 The race will be considered started when the leading Car crosses the Control Line at the end of that lap.

So I guess what should have happened is that the safety car and the field would do some non-race 'recon' laps. Then the 'safety car lights out' and pit-in call would happen, and the race would start as per the second rule. That clearly did not happen.


And the other issue
Spoiler - click to revealAs terrible as the 140L rule is, it is in the rulebook and choosing to ignore it midrace with no warning would be a bad call. Then again, it seems that the race control managed to come up with a completely new rule at the start of the race..

Down with forced number of pit stops, forced fill-ups etc. 140L fuel and X number of tyres available for the race. Use as much or little as necessary, job done. Personally, I don't have a huuuge problem with time-limited races for the regular season. A 1h45 dry race ending up a 5h washout isn't really fun to follow live, whether it be V8SCs, F1s, GTs or 'Murican circle racing.
#5 - robt
Really enjoyed those races. Though race 3 was a bit of a farce at the end as per your 3rd spoiler Wink

What annoyed me most was the fact the superview cut off all the pre-race info, ended up having to "acquire" the race from elsewhere to see why it was in the conditions where the superview started. May have to send them (Another) email regarding their skills at uploading to superview!
Heh, I had to go have a second look because I didn't even notice since I usually skip the pre-race stuff Tongue
Van Gisbergen win's race's 1 & 2, Winterbottom win's race 3 with Van Gisbergan second.

Lowndes third, second and third.

A Triple 7 clean sweep !

#12 - robt
If anyone hasn't watched the V8 supercars before, I recommend the final race at symmonds plains last weekend. Action packed and unpredictable all the way through!
Phillip Island, 2 pole positions, 2 first places for Scotty and Volvo...

Race 1

Race 2
#16 - robt
Yep, really dont understand that one. You have one of the most popular drivers, you've just won back to back races, most people like the team/car. So lets pull the plug?!
What I dont understand is this claim by volvo/polestar/cyan racing, that the cars and engines have to be returned back to them at the end of the season. A big blow for GRM.
Could someone with SuperView confirm for me whether or not this Saturday's vods are of terrible quality, please? Seems to be stuck on a low bitrate, instead of going higher and sometimes dipping lower as it usually does.
#18 - robt
Yup, I had it so bad the red/orange font was unreadable. Ended up downloading them in 720p from another source.....
Superview gets worse every year, cant even watch races from previous seasons any more. Well, you can for last season if you play around with the URL. but not races like the mental bathursts from 2013/14.
2016 Aussi V8 Champion - Shane Van Gisbergen.

First kiwi to win the Aussi Supercars since 1991.

#20 - robt
It was a great comeback after what happened earlier in the race.

Anyone else having trouble with superview? I log in to be greeted by a blank page, so unable to watch the last race of the season! Not the smartest of moves by superview....again. Currently searching for other sources..
It was a great comeback, although his crew chief was having a meltdown when he was scrapping with Scotty Mc and Courtney over the last few laps.
And his win on Sunday just proved his quality.

I don't think there are any other viewing choices other that Sky/Foxtel etc. Previously they only banned Kiwi's from other sources but now that ban seems to be worldwide. They've been scum here for years with pathetic online systems so welcome to our world....

2016 Touring Car racing (WTCC, BTCC, DTM, V8 Supercars, etc.)
(22 posts, started )