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Where the hell are the racing servers?
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Quote from Scawen :It may be a good time to consider this. Probably due to being busy on a lot of other things recently, I am not really aware of this issue. Can you explain why it is happening? Sorry for missing any previous explanations, but I'm listening now.

Please can you look at these possibilities, and tell me which one you think is more of a concern, and if there is another case I have not thought of?

1) Obviously it happens when a modified guest joins a non-modified host, and I have not regarded this as a big problem. I suppose in this case it would be nice if there was a more useful message to the guest, suggesting they join with an unmodified version of LFS?

2) And there is the other case when an unmodified guest (could be a new player) joins a modified host. In this case, the host should be private so this does not happen. It is of course very bad if modified hosts are publicly visible and I would have to do something about it.

It's not really easy to distinguish between these two cases but I could think a bit about it.

I'm not sure is this has anything todo with the things above.

Some players in my demoserver (not modified) getting kicked from the server when leaving the pitbox. Is this a sort of cheat/hack protection?.

Dedicated Server: Version N.
Insim on Server: (yes) (LFSLapper)
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No, that looks like an admin kick or text command (typed or InSim).

Any OOS or CPW disconnection would be clearly visible.

It could also be the same user name trying to join two hosts at the same time, so it gets kicked from one of them.
I'm sure it is not caused by a admin (typed or kickbutton) or by insim.

The strangest thing is , the players always get kicked when they join the race.

But when you say, that they get kicked when joining a another server. it could be possible that they run "LFSLazy" insim.
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Is there any server log of the event that might give some more information?

When I said "Any OOS or CPW disconnection would be clearly visible" I might be wrong - it might not be visible on all the guests, but in that case I think it should be clear on the server.
I havent set the "message log file" and i do not have any Server logfiles to show.

Currently i'm working on a logfile system that registered every kick/ban etc. But it is not fully functional yet.
Otherwise i could give you the following info: User/date/time.
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Today it happends again. And there is one thing that is the same before the user get kicked from the server.
What i think it has something todo with tweak.

Because as you can see in my post #78

The user goes to the garage 2 times and get kicked after joining the track.
I have tried find the user and it has joined a tweakserver.

After 5 min i checked again and he's still in that server.

So it might be a sort of tweak/hack protection, if you do not have a modified server.

Is this is true. It whould be nice if LFS sends a message to the server. That this user is kicked for using hacks/tweaks.
Quote from :Why don't you activate /log instead of producing guesses? It takes less then a second?

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After enabling the message log, and updating the insim logfile system. I've got a few kick reports in the kicklogfile.
By checking the time/date in the lfs message logfile, i have found the following lines.

May 13 15:47:52 HoraDoShowPorra^L connected (105DaLeste)
May 13 15:48:00 HoraDoShowPorra^L left the pits (XRG)
May 13 15:48:30 HoraDoShowPorra^L pitted
May 13 15:48:32 HoraDoShowPorra^L left the pits (XRG)
May 13 15:48:32 Modified car - guest disconnected
May 13 15:48:33 Leave @ 1136527 : HoraDoShowPorra
May 13 15:48:33 HoraDoShowPorra^L was kicked (105DaLeste) <<< This is what other guests/admin sees in the server.

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That "Modified car" message means that the car has been modified in the guest's exe.

but is it possible to change the "User is kicked" to "User is kicked because..........." Or a Joos-Car error

Where the hell are the racing servers?
(88 posts, started )