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Live for Speed £12 voucher code giveaway! And More!

Every two months a Live for Speed £12 voucher code will be given away.

The winner will be randomly selected from the forum users that reply to this thread.

Only users Joined 31 Dec 2015 and earlier.


The winner will also receive a $5 GameStop Gift Card.


July 4th drawing for Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound

Following criteria for Headset
  • Decent reputation
  • Driven over 30000 miles (50000 km approx.) online
  • Finished more than 1000 races
#2 - BeNoM
But you are demo user...
Quote from BeNoM :But you are demo user...

I just did my first random drawing.
You sir, are a winner. Do you accept the prize?
(asyed) DELETED by asyed
#4 - asyed
nunununununu batmaayynnn
Quote from BeNoM :But you are demo user...

I'll take it.

(I also want to be entered, lulz)
Please don't make this thread a joke.
I will take it with pleasure Smile
How to sign up? ^^
#8 - BeNoM
Yes I accept it.
Always happy to get one to give to a friend
I don't want it.
hi wyldstiyl
#12 - PoVo
Wow I can't believe that this was actually legit Smile))))))))))))))
Thanks a lot!
cmon! me too!! Big grin
I would like to have it.
Thank you!
This contest is already over. I won. Done. Smile
Quote from BeNoM :This contest is already over. I won. Done. Smile

nooooooooooo Dead banana

haah always fun to see some comments in such weird threads. Big grin
Whu not Big grin
It would be nice to win Big grin
me like

I read now your nick, why USA flag? You're from Sicily