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Old Car Setups - 0.6M
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Old Car Setups - 0.6M

after a long time i have installed the new 0.6M version.
i have copied the setup files to the lfs Setups Program Folder, but in game the Setups are not shown.

What did i wrong. My Racing System runs under Windows XP Sp3.
On my other system with old lfs 0.6j the setups are shown completely.

Technical Support gaves me the hint to check if setups are copied to setups folder not settings folder, but thats not the case. Setups are in correct folder, but ingame they are not shown.

best regards

N. Braetter
To be sure, the path should be like:

Do new setups downloaded from work?
Maybe upload one of the not working files to forum (click "Full Editor" for attach function)

yes. Files are in the correct location. C:\LFS\data\setups\

Setups are all from setupgrid and an few own setups.

None of them work. New setups from setupgrid didn`t work to.

Attached files
FORMULA V8_as2_VIP U775.set - 132 B - 249 views
FXO GTR_as1_Srace762.set - 132 B - 612 views
FXO TURBO_as1_(HUN)885.set - 132 B - 647 views
FZ50 GTR_as2_jet877.set - 132 B - 699 views
LX4_as3_Humme648.set - 132 B - 599 views
LX6_as4_biggi833.set - 132 B - 685 views
MRT5_as3_giann781.set - 132 B - 674 views
RA_as3_hannu478.set - 132 B - 216 views
RB4 GT_as2_biggi483.set - 132 B - 589 views
UF 1000_as2_tnt m804.set - 132 B - 179 views
UF GTR_as2_csimp788.set - 132 B - 226 views
They don't have the correct name and the name is too long.

Should be "FO8_as2_VIPU775.set", "UFR_as2_csimp788.set", etc.
** Best answer **
Yes, the car prefixes of the names are wrong.
They should be as on (the Abbrev field, three letters per car)
There is no way those setups worked in 0.6j, you must be confusing something?
The Lx6 one is correct though and works for me.

A long time ago the car names got changes to the three-letter-codes, maybe your setups are from before that?
Holy Crap !

So i have to rename all files ? Thats enough, or are there any Details inside the Setup Files.

Best Regards
Some settings (values in setup) could be wrong as physic engine has evolve "a bit" since names changes (for ex: tyres used to have far less grip in the past)

So you may need to slightly modify these sets.


Simply get newer ones (see dedicated threads in forums).
If the setups are not too old you just have to rename the files.
If they are 'ancient' they won't work, you can load them, but they would appear to be corrupted as vortech explains.
These setups obviously are from version 0.5X or earlier,as with 0.5Y was the change made to make setupnames more common.

PS. LX4/6 setups should work though.
I think some cars got changed a bit, center of gravity and a few other things. ABS brakes too.
But the change to new filenames was really long ago, like 2008.
Even with no changes to the cars those setups are probally not optimal anymore and are missing out on many years of setup experience/evolution.
Quote from Gutholz :But the change to new filenames was really long ago, like 2008.

Late december 2007 to be exact. Which is coincidental,since we both registered our accounts in that month. Big grin
thanks a lot. I have it figured out. Renamed all files. Now they are Accessible.

Now begins the big test time for wich set can be deleted, and wich should be held.

Thanks for now, and every time an good turn.

Old Car Setups - 0.6M
(13 posts, started )