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PS4 controller: possibly the best LFS controller?
has anyone used the ps4 controller yet? im a big collector of controllers and general, and i usually use a steering wheel, but in terms of a normal controller, the ps4 one knocks it out of the park! not only does the analog sticks and triggers feel great and are a huge improvement over the ps3s, i hooked it up to my pc no problem and the triggers are on separate axis! i used to run into the problem with 360 controllers where they combined the trigger axis and that was annoying since you cant gas and brake together

my setup is left stick - steering, triggers- gas/brake, square - shift up, X - shift down, L1 - clutch(button), right analog stick down- ebrake.
how did you get your controller working? when i tried to set it up it said my throttle, braking and steering were left analogue even though i had throttle as R2
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#3 - Migz
Hate replying to old threads. but is there anyway to reduce sensitivity? Hate when the smallest movement of the joystick results in the wheel cranking to the either side. LFS detects my controller without any additional software, and if I recall inputmapper didn't help with the sensitivity last time I tried setting it up.
you can try using the compensation settings in LFS itself for a small effect.