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Backroads (WE3X)
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#1 - TiJay
Backroads (WE3X)
Evening all, long time no see!

The new open layouts on LFS have brought me back to the sim, after far too long spent with GT6 and a regrettable dabble in Assetto Corsa's murky waters.

This layout is a 3-lap "country lane blast" around Westhill's perimeter roads. Armco has been carefully placed to guide the player, but allow them to use all the road (and more!).

Because this layout is a road-based rally stage rather than an autocross or special stage, it flows nicely and can be driven in a "fast road" style or a flat-out racing-line-following rally style!

A rudimentary onboard demo video with the XF GTI is available here and the layout is attached.

Happy new year, and enjoy Smile

EDIT: Now with directional markers before the armco at forks! Smile
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Backroads (WE3X)
(1 post, started )