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looking really good mate
Wow good job!
Thanks, guys.

I'm making some tests to improve the volume and realism.

This work will be released today.
Tyre tread pattern commpleted._


Comparative with the original._

Click for enlarge (1920*1080)

Click for enlarge (1920*1080)



- This is just for a test. Is not finished yet because I need to work on the compatibility of the sidewalls.
- Only is compatible with Cromo_Plain.


Very early tests._

Click for enlarge . 1920*1080.
Sidewalls. MICHELIN._

Early tests:

Click for enlarge 1920*1080

Last pic for today.
Very nice start! But if sidewall textures are aimed for single seated, will you do 2 versions of the pack so that there is a version aimed for road cars/GTRs ? That'll be nice if you could make something that works in the best way possible with every cars (I know it's not possible to do something perfect, but come on Lynce, I trust you! Thumbs up)
Dear Nacim. How are you?

Hard to take a decision about it. This take a lot of time. A simple thing to make a compatibility between the sidewall and the tyre is a pure adventure. Too hard and takes a lot of time.

Anyway I was thinking to divide the trademark of the tyres on some categories.

For example: Michelin and Bridgestone for the open wheel cars. The rest for sport and road cars. That is an option.

Another idea is making a (sidewall) for competition cars in exclusive and another sidewall for normal tyres (road, sportive cars). So, two options.
I will think about it. But I want to work on my site to upload all my work made until now, hehehe.

Note: Probably some tyres will be reworked: Normal tyres?, Hibrids tyres ? Knobbly. Does not convince me at all the last one (Knobbly).
I'm fine, thanks, and you ? Smile

I think the idea of dividing trademark for different categories can do the trick, and that would be better than having every trademark "screwed" on road cars. Wink

I think that the tyres that need a bit of rework are the slicks. I don't know if it's wanted, but it seems a bit less seamless than the normal tyres(we can feel too much repetition IMO), and it's doesn't look as good as expected when the wheels are spinning.
Its all looking good thanks lynce
I have the flu. Next week I return work.

Hi Nacim. Really I don't want to do a lot of work. I was thinking just in two options for the sidewalls. Obviously if I have doubts I will ask to the community.

About the slicks. I'm very happy with the result because I made a balance between new and worn tyres. I will change some little mistakes. Perhaps normal tyres can be improved. I'm happy with Road super. Hybrids does not convince me at all but it is near of the function they have. Knobbly...em... no words,,..hahahaha.

Thanks you bishtop, as always.

Another works for the Michelin competition option:

CLick for enlarge - 1920 x 1080.

Under tests.

See you on the next week!
Finally has been finished. I will release this texture when sidewalls will be finished. There will be two options.


Road Normal. Increased the 3D Effect, realismo and edges ._

Road Super. Improved the edge and illumination. Now the illuminations are correct ._

Hibrids. Increased the 3D effect and decreased the noise to improve the realism. Improved the edge ._

Slicks. Cleaned a little bit ._

Knobbly. Totally new texture and edges ._

Click on pics for enlarge to 1920x1080

More news soon!
Woooah, that's some top quality work out there! Smile Can't wait to make some laps on them Smile
Thanks Lynce. These texture are just awesome.
Thanks for the feedbacks, again.

I'm working and testing the new textures based in real life photos, obviously to increase the realism but I have a trouble and it's work the limit of the texture on the tyre.
So, I'm working hard to see where is the start of the texture and when it's finished. why? Because in the Bridgestone texture, you can see a little bit the Evostar texture, for example and I have to define it correctly. So, also, we can see a little bit more texture on the tyre.

I'm sorry for the delay.

Michelin sidewall (option competition) Finished._
Click for enlarge to 1920x1080.


Bridgestone sidewalls finished (Competition).

Click for enlarge to 1920 x 1080.


Better than real! Smile
R@fiXII !!

Can someone post the same pic with the new patch like this example (in the same angle if is possible)?(Now J5). I want to compare with the new reflection system made by Scawen. Texture reflections from 2010 and FZ50 textures from 2009. Just curiosity nothing more.

Click for enlarge to 1920x1080
I just noticed that my seat and window border textures are blank for some reason. I hope it helps.
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The default car shader definitely needs more work IMO. I'm waiting for the stable patch to get working on something.

My try at it:

@Flame: I've linked the FZ textures of my dds folder (they are default one) for you, enjoy. Smile

@Lynce: Hey nice textures you got on your FZ, where do I get those nice headlights and remove this grey around them? Smile
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dds.rar - 489.9 KB - 668 views
Thanks, guys. I see two points of view but I think them are correct. (perhaps my reflections are a little bit more shining).

@Flame. I don't now how to help you about the seat. Sorry.

@Nacim. I will upload all the work I made as soon as possible in the site. I promise to all. When I finish the sidewalls.

This is my conclusión when in 2010 I was working on the reflection texture or Live for Speed and posted in the Patch test forum to help to Scawen if he sees it's necessary.

"Hi all. These are my conclusions when I was working on the texture reflections for the Revolution Pack June 24th. The documentation was exhaustive and always I'm looking cars on the street every days and in different hours of day(even in every climate conditions).

One of my conclusions has written in this post. I hope can help the work of the Scawen:

March 17th 2010.

"Extended information.._

In white colours, depends of the ilumination and the position of the car respect to the sun(in the shadow zones in real life), cars can be more reflexives. Really, the bodywork reflects only the light. Can be reflected in all the light spectrum and each colour depends of the intensity of the ilumination, sunlight position, hour of the day(yes, that is important/inside of the time and angle of the sun respect to the earth, there may be a dispersion of the light inside of the atmosphere and apply some tones), if there are clouds... (even volume and intensity).

The knowledge of the light is important to make realistic addons.

Now some comments respect to the white cars:

In Autocross afternoon overcast, if really exists in real life, white cars doesn't reflect nothing of the scenary, excepts:
- When there are a oblique angle and you see the side._ ... www.wallpaperhi.com_5.jpg

Another cases in clear day and oblique angle in the oposite side of the sunlight position (But not in all cases)._ ... fk7qXqsY1r75fj6o1_500.jpg ... n-white-car-photos-13.jpg

When there are a lot of contrast in the scenary of the light and shadows. Only in this case is reflected the light and his forms(trees, for example)._ ... 1241281340_2d6f914ea4.jpg ... er_www.wallmay.com_27.jpg


Really that was my point of reference and balance for all the colours and the real life documentation on the street.

The results can be watched in this video:"[/i]
Clean work like always, even if it's look out of shape with all the surrounding low res textures.
@Lfsrm. Thank you!

Difference between new reflection system in real time by Scawen and texture reflections made in 2010.

0.6K from 2015 made by Scawen.

Revolution Pack June 24th from 2010.

This confuse me too much, really. There is two opposite points of view.

Well, I back to the work.
These new dynamic reflections do not actually reflect correctly. The reflections get curved with distance, it's not linear. So that distant objects are not reflected at all, they suddenly appear out of nowhere on a reflecting surface. Probably that's why comparison refletions look different.

It looks funny when you're approaching a tunnel/overpass/etc. There's nothing on the reflection but the sky, and when you're 25 meters in front of that objects it appears "from the bottom" Big grin

Some explanation screenshots to visualise this are below Smile Notice how small movement is done, on first shots about 2 meters, on another maybe 6?
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2015-12-20 21-56-18.128.jpg
2015-12-20 21-57-31.388.jpg
2015-12-20 21-57-59.409.jpg
2015-12-20 21-58-57.977.jpg
2015-12-20 21-59-20.866.jpg

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