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No sound
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No sound
So, I have no sound at all on my laptop. It is a HP Pavilion g7 2003sm. I have had this issue before and I sorted it out by uninstalling all Intel audio drivers. Windows then reinstalled the same Intel audio driver and it worked. Now I don't have any sound again. I tried installing realtek audio drivers but they do not show up as installed.

I think Skype and Teamspeak are triggering the issue, because I can't get sound from any game to play on the same device as Skype or Teamspeak. When I finally get them to play on the same device the next time I turn on my laptop my sound is gone.

(Forum swapped the screenshots) First screenshot shows what I get when I try press "test" for any playback device. Second screenshot shows "exclusive control" option. I tried every of these options and they don't change anything. They did help a bit when I was still trying to get everything to play on one device.

While googling the issue, I also found out the most possible problem. Intel drivers play the sound through the HDMI port, even though nothing is connected to it.

Any ideas how to solve this?

I can provide more screenshots/do more tests/post logs of something if you need then to come up with a possible solution.

P.S. this all started once I reinstalled both Intel and AMD GPU drivers and I would not like to revert to the old ones since I am getting a much better GPU performance now.
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I hopefully managed to solve it for good. After a few tries of uninstalling Intel drivers and Windows just reinstalling them for me, I did it again and this time Windows installed some random audio drivers that I guess are included with the Windows installation.

So if you ever get this issue just try uninstalling them and restarting your PC until your Windows gives up and gives you some random audio drivers that work.
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No sound
(2 posts, started )