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Possibility of a 2015 Kyoto 250?
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I'll rally the troops!
murica. although I don't have much time to commit... maybe you can go easy on the approval process for those of us who have done this a few times? Also I don't know how many people you will get, but #group qualifying? :DDD
I'm in for group qualifying. It isn't like NASCAR where it is full throttle.
It is like NASCAR where it is full retard though :P
I'm definitely up for it, if my schedule permits.
Quote from Bmxtwins :I'll rally the troops!

And how many would that be? I'd like to know the numbers to estimate actual interest level :P

Also, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO to group qualifying. NASCAR is blaspheming the Daytona 500 with that crap.
Count me in deko xD
I'd be in as well!
Quote from prOmo_LTU :I'd be in as well!

don't forget you also must use this skin from 2012. Big grin
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if the time suits me then i will be in
Quote from nikopdr :don't forget you also must use this skin from 2012. Big grin

That's not even remotely gay enough for him...
I want to drive this ! And my dear friend Pietter want's to drive too Wink
im in im im in im in Big grin
I love oval kyoto races organized by NDR Big grin
If there is high interest in Kyoto 250, will you run other events/leagues?
the other Deko said he is down
I would definitely participate if you do it.
Alright, seeing as there is sufficient interest shown, it will most likely be run. Some background things to tend to before we announce it officially though. We're creating a logo and will prepare the NDR website to handle signups.
Nice to see dis Smile
I want to participate too (I've never done an official race in my 8 years of LFS experience) Smile
Please quickly offer any comments regarding any rule and procedure changes you'd like for this season. We're finalizing the logo in the next day or two and will launch stuff over the weekend.

Entry requirements will be unchanged, but I will use my ability to auto-accept those who have been with us in the past and know how to participate in the event.

My schedule for the rest of the month seems relatively conducive to running practice sessions, so except several of them.

Possibility of a 2015 Kyoto 250?
(53 posts, started )