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Formula 1 Season 2014 II
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I could make that argument funnily enough, but you know 'we' is a figure of speak. it's obviously to wind up Shotglass and his anti-UK rants. Your British you should be able to spot that a mile off.
Quote from englishlord :
Quote from Intrepid :
Quote from ATC Quicksilver :
Quote from Intrepid :
Quote from sinbad :Well done for replying so politely to such an ignorant comment. Clearly an embittered fool typing nonsense, or perhaps just looking to stir things up.

Agreed about Nico, but I don't think he will ever be at the Hamilton/Ricciardo/Alonso level when it comes to wheel-to-wheel racing.

I think he is hurting because the great Mercedes build their F1 race cars in Brackley, England.

Also probably not the best year to say that given the nationalities of the F1, GP2, GP3, F2 and WEC champions.

We didn't let anyone else have a look in with regard to the Junior and Senior KF World Champs either.

We? Were you personally involved?

Intrepid knows every KARTOR personally so he can say that he contributed to all the KARTOR success in all of the UK. Thus making the KARTOR success his. Louis Hamilton was also a KARTOR which makes Intrepid also a F1 champion because they share KARTOR blood.
The Honda engine is hardly 'new' seeing how long it has been in development/running on test rigs for. I would bet it has at least the same development time as the Mercedes engine behind Lewis and Nico this year and possibly more.
Merc started on that motor in 2010. I doubt Honda have been at it that long.
I would be surprised if they have not had their engine in development for the same amount of time when the cars line up on the grid next year which would mean starting development sometime in 2011. Being Honda, they would not enter the field unless they were pretty sure of competing at the top of the grid.
Just an aside, they will have data from these engines in race and qualifying tune from McLaren. Mercedes did not have that when their engines hit the grid for the first time this year.
Carlos Sainz Jr. finally gets his chance. Toro Rosso should be really interesting next year.
So the bianchi report is out:
Quote :3. Bianchi did not slow sufficiently to avoid losing control at the same point on the track as Sutil.

4. If drivers adhere to the requirements of double yellow flags, as set out in Appendix H, Art., then neither competitors nor officials should be put in immediate or physical danger.

5. The actions taken following Sutil’s accident were consistent with the regulations, and their interpretation following 384 incidents in the preceding eight years. Without the benefit of hindsight, there is no apparent reason why the Safety Car should have been deployed either before or after Sutil’s accident.

7. During the 2 seconds Bianchi’s car was leaving the track and traversing the run-off area, he applied both throttle and brake together, using both feet. The FailSafe algorithm is designed to over-ride the throttle and cut the engine, but was inhibited by the Torque Coordinator, which controls the rear Brake-by-Wire system. Bianchi’s Marussia has a unique design of BBW, which proved to be incompatible with the FailSafe settings.

Excuse my ignorance, why would someone apply throttle and brake together in case of leaving the track? Panic reaction?
Maybe that's the failsafe for cutting the engine?

I've seen a few Grand Prix were the drivers were told off for using brake and throttle together, but that's probably just because the driver has had his foot sitting on the brake pedal not realising it's been pressed down slightly. And likely some drivers in some circumstances will drive with full throttle but still brake slightly in bends and corners to help with load transfer, etc.

Maybe deliberately pressing both fully together is the trigger for the cut-off.
Or your trying to induce a spin.

Brake and throttle are common control methods if the driver wants to use it. It doesn't do the car any good and does nothing for longevity in the race if your continually using it. And it's also inefficient use of fuel. You should be either braking, or throttling. Not both at the same time. But sometimes, if you want to balance the car, or you have found the car/tracks responds to that input at a certain point, then it's another tool in the drivers arsenal. Damn difficult to do if your not a racer. Not that you would want to do it on the road.
It could be just a simple trick to bypass the brake by wire. Under normal braking the brake by wire acts as an abs* for the rear tires and on sand that system probably would not allow the rears to lock or brake sufficiently. So there is a programmed bypass in the system that allows driver to brake fully with the rear wheel tires as well if the driver has pressed both pedals.
*I don't know if it does

I'd also imagine having both foot pressed against pedals is useful way to brace against the impact as well. If you don't press your foot against anything and you have big impact you may get big bruises or even broken ankles etc when your foot can almost freely "fly around the footwell".

Drivers told to not overlap brake and throttle pedals is probably just about saving fuel or brakes.
So it is lonso/buttocks at mclaren for 2015. Magnusson out. I'm just wondering how can button stay motivated and want to drive for mclaren. Merc is going to win anything in 2015 and mclaren would be happy to improve from 5th to 4th or 3rd in constructors. But Merc leading and rbr 2nd it is hard to see what's there worth having in F1 in 2015 for buttocks. If the alternative was chance to drive for winning lemans team then I just don't understand it...
You could ask how any of the other non-Merc engine team drivers stay motivated after having a year of being lucky to get onto the 3rd row of the grid at best, and fearing 2015 will be more of the same?

Likely he wants to compare himself to Captain Haddock. If Alonso is considered one of the best F1 racers ever, and Button can beat him, then Button is likely to retire (when it comes) on a high.

Don't think he'll do as bad as Kimi.
#65 - CSF
I just can't comprehend Alonso back at McLaren. It's... so... bizarre!
I see Button being highly professional and motivated even after some rubbish equipment over the years. I am really looking forward to those two in a McLaren next year it will be good, imho of course. I see the Honda engine as potentially able to match or beat the Mercedes in a straight fight for the titles. Roll on 2015.
You see Honda being able to come in a year behind and no just leap frog Renault and Ferrari, but Mercedes too?

Even with the Mercedes engine Mclaren struggled to beat Force India. they'd need a fair few more ponies to get anywhere near close to a championship charge.
We will have to wait and see. They have a whole year of race and quali data from McLaren with Mercedes and that is more than anyone had in their first year of this engine formula. Worth a fair bit of development I reckon.
Plus they know everything that the others have done from photos, sound analysis, what the team have seen etc etc which is a billion times more data than the manufacturers had 12 months ago. They have a target. Easier to design to a target than it is to design what you think is best and hope that it is better than everyone elses...

So yes, Honda have as good a chance as anyone as being at or above the Mercedes engine.

And I reckon they'll be aerodynamically more on the ball next year too. Could be a good time to be with McLaren.
I agree.
Honda have been sat in the back row nodding and nudging each other about this and that..I am really looking forward to what was once a great partnership returning.

Make no mistake Honda will be throwing a massive chunk of cash at this...will Renault/Ferrari improve is the question in my mind.

RB have lost key people...Ferrari, well, no need to say much about that.

I am glad that Mcl finally decided to keep Button on, not because I am a fan or patriotic...Button is the better man for the job at hand...and he probably knows most of the Honda people....not to mention it would stink to let someone go out like that seeing that he has been in F1 for many years.

Roll on next year.
Gutierrez is now Ferrari test driver.
I hope he gets some kind of drive next year, he is too good to lose, he could go far given the chance.
He's not good, he's as good as his money goes, same for the 80% of the GP2 grid and the pay drivers in F1
Think back to when a certain Felipe Massa was first hired by Ferrari, he was considered to be a rubbish driver by many so called experts. He was so close to a championship not so many years ago I bet it STILL hurts and he is a fine driver. He needs a period of stability to enable him to improve just like any other driver.
This is kinda offtopic but when did F1 move to fuel injection from carbs? Wonder which was the first engine with fuel injection in f1?

Formula 1 Season 2014 II
(81 posts, started )