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Welcome to team !
Great addition to the team, Good Luck!
hola guys
Welcome to Corse Motorsports
good luck to new drivers
Sinds last week, we from Corse Motorsports are happy to announce that two drivers have chosen for Corse Motorsports. They will strengthen our line-up for driver quality and be a very good addition to Corse as a team!

It is official now, welcome

Corse\ George
George goes a long way back with many of the current Corse Motorsports line-up as he is a former Redline member as well. We know george well and especially as being the absolute BL1 king with both the XFG and XRG. Both parties are very confident that george will feel home again in Corse as we all did in Redline in the middle of a whole bunch of former Redliners and other corse members with the same mentality! George has had a very busy life but is returning to LFS more and more. Welcome to Corse Motorsports George you returned home!

Corse\ Rocky7up
Rocky is the former leader of the team called TRR. Rocky has a very long history with LFS and started his carreer in 2002! Rocky is an absolute LFS enthusiast and more than a decent driver. Rocky absolutely has the attitude we are looking for in Corse Motorsports both off and on track and has proven to be a very good team player. With his LFS experience and skills we are very confident Rocky will fit nicely within the team and we are looking to a bright future! A very warm welcome with us at Corse Motorsports Rocky!

On behalf of whole the team, Welcome to CorseMotorsports!
Welcome to team!
Welcome! \m/
oooh, jinja jorj! The one and only BL1+XRG king. :P
Also, congratulations to Rocky. I really like how things are going for Corse, your lineup consists of very friendly peeps.

Keep up the awesome work, you guys are doing great!
Welcome Guys
Grats to the drivers and the team!
Good Luck!
Good luck guys, glad you found a home Walter!
Best of luck to both! You've gotten yourself a great guy in Walter
Thanks a lot guys!

Corse Motorsports has decided to stop putting effort in the team on the Live for Speed platform. Although fortunately we have recently been strengthened by two new members SunSai and Maki, the lack of developments for over 6 years in LFS completely made it worthless to continue putting effort in Corse on LFS. The state of LFS, which was to be expected, does not offer a healthy foundation to build or continue building a team.

The team will continue as it is with the great drivers and people it has. We are planning a switch to another simulator, which simulator will be announced later.

The pretty much dead community caused a lack of motivation which now results to a situation where any effort is just a waste of time.

Thanks for the good times!
I dont think Jati will leave LFS, because OVAL!
True ! And BTW corse is not leaving lfs but only idling like Devs.

Corse Motorsports
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