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Monitor specs?
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Monitor specs?
hello, I have been reading several post about monitors and I just ended more confused than before lol.

I am interested to know if anyone around here have experienced a difference between 60hz and 144hz using LFS?

I mean, some people told me that higher frequency (HZ) means less lag.

I read something called "g-sync", is totally new for me, heck, the new forum style is new for me, I feel like an old obsolete user now, I miss the older version lol.

I am pretty confused. My current monitor is a dell, it says 1920x1080 @ 60HZ. my GPU is the R9 280x platinum, but I am still building the rig, I could make a test on LFS with all settings at max, with 20 cars on kyoto ring and the FPS rate didnt touch below the 65 FPS.
with V-Sync ON the FPS stays firm at 60fps, sometimes they jump to 61-62 FPS.

My main interest is in a smooth racing and for video editing, I think I like more the V-SYNC on, on 60 fps, racing with 100 fps is good and awesome but the tearing is distracting.

So I am a bit confused, should I stay calm with 60fps v-sync on with my 60hz monitor? or newers GPU in the future with this "g-sync" could be useless with monitors without that feature?

anyone can tell me or show me the difference of racing with 144 hz vs 60 hz?

lately I update my pc but just to find out I am already "outdated" or something with all this new stuff to me.

sorry for my bad english.
60Hz means that the monitor can't display more then 60 fps on the monitor, and higher framerate will cause what is known as "tearing".
There are many solutions to tearing, one is enabling VSync, which won't allow the fps to go higher then 60 fps, but that too has it's downside, it will produce some input lag, which is totally fine for some games, but competitive FPS, and racing games don't feel that nice with it.

You only profit from 144Hz if your pc manages to run the game atleast 144Hz.

To use the gsync feature, you need to have a Nvidia graphics card that supports it, and also a monitor that supports gsync.
To learn more about gsync, you can click on Forbin's link.

AMD too is working on similiar technology, called freesync:
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Quote from bmwe30m3 :

You only profit from 144Hz if your pc manages to run the game atleast 144Hz.

thats the point!! thanks a lot.

Monitor specs?
(4 posts, started )