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That's metall!
The conversation about that gif is great. ... expyy/2_kinds_of_parrots/

And the video is much better than the gif, sound and all.
"Blue and gold macaw and some variety of Amazon on one end of the room and a head banging umbrella cockatoo on the other end :-)"
"Absolutely hilarious. The 2 confused looking birds, sat there calm and motionless, then the slow pan over to the 'reducted' head banging mentalist. I completely lost it."
"Yeah, every time I see a video or picture of someone with a cockatoo as a pet it makes me laugh. Those 'reducted' are the worse, on par with kookaburras, as being the most obnoxious 'probably reducted' in the morning. Why you would want to keep one in your house is beyond me."
"My family agreed to take care of a Rose breasted Cockatoo (looked like that bird) for a few months when i was a kid.

Edit; that made my post loose a bit of it's point...... Still that deletion was probably a good call. :smilyface

Talking of photobombs....... -This is Harold....... You may have met Harold at youdontsurf.

Yeah suddenly Apple fanboys hands got bigger and it's not too big anymore Epic hypocrisy
What's the one with the G25? I don't get it.
Is that mold or signs of very heavy usage on that G25?

Sandpaper gloves for better grip?
Looks like an ordinary G25.
It's mold. The wheel was left at a wet place.
Quote from Keling :It's mold. The wheel was left at a wet place.

I bet it still works!
Unfortunately it's dead. Won't boot up at all.
Quote from Keling :Unfortunately it's dead. Won't boot up at all.

guess the humidity got inside and corroded all the electronics
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