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Cameronaut (TV-camera that can be placed anywhere)
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Cameronaut (TV-camera that can be placed anywhere)
With this program can put a TV-camera anywhere. The camera will try to keep the selected car in focus.

Idea was that for movie making, the TV camera of LFS is sometimes bit limited or "boring."
There is the free (shift+u) camera but can be difficult to keep the car in focus or reproduce the same camera movement.

Here is an example movies what it can do:

Ignore the boring editing, just watch the camera angles.
With free hand-controlled camera it would be difficult to track a car like this.
video is in superlow resolution because it was just a first test.

How to use:
-unpack .zip to some folder
-start LFS, type: /insim 29999
-to place camera type: /o placecamera
-to start tracking selected car type: /o starttracking
-to stop tracking car type: /o stoptracking
Pro tip: Put those on chat-keybinds

known bugs:
It crashes often, especially when fastforwarding.

Provided as-is: Any damage or time wasted is not my fault.

Despite this problem found it quite useable: just restart it.
This video I recorded without too many annoyance, it was meant as demonstration:
(All the external footage is with this program)
Sadly youtube somehow deformed the video and stretched everything..
Now it looks like filmed with vertically hold phone camera and everything is stretched.

edit: download original .wmv movie here: ... HbHFCNXM/edit?usp=sharing

My videos are not the best examples but can hopefully see the general idea.

download: ... iOTFJdE0/edit?usp=sharing
#2 - D.K.r
\m/ metal bro
#3 - nacim
Nice program !
Preview of new feature:

One can save several camera positions and the time when they get used.
So for example at time=0 seconds you point the camera to car A, then on time=3 seconds the camera points to car B and on time=7 seconds the camera zooms to the finish line.

This allows long continuous shots, without breaking fingers while trying to control camera manually.
(Maybe for korean starcraft players it is easier)

Example, in superb 240p:
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#6 - Litro
Wow! Well done! Thumbs up
Here is a test version.
It has some bugs and annoyances because it is a test version.
For example the buttons can overlap with the shift+u menu. Shrug

It might take some attempts to get useful results.
Experiment with adding more or less saved positions.
Do not forget that the saved cameras must not only be at different positions but also at different times! Else you get no movement.

In LFS type /insim 29999 and then start LFS_Cameronaut.exe
-Use Shift+U mode.
-Click button [New Camera] to save the current view at current time. A new camera entry will appear.
-Left-Click camera entry to go time & view.
-Right-Click camera entry to overwrite/update it with current view&time.
-Hold CTRL while left-click to delete camera.
-Type /o help for some text...

These two very important functions have no buttons yet, so must use chat commands:
Type /o play to hide all buttons and 'play' through the cameras.
Type /o edit to show the buttons again.
Best to put these as chat-macros.
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Currently I have no time or patience to try it in real just another demo:
This video shows how to make a "fly over the startgrid" path:
The camera starts in pitlane and then arrives at front of grid at moment when the lights go on.

At 4min it shows common problem: The camera was supposed to turn around to follow the cars, but it turned in a bad way and pointed to the ground.
To fix that, I paused replay and inserted another camera position.
that's nice, ill try to make a video with it and ill post here the result Thumbs up
Quote from RMegane :that's nice, ill try to make a video with it and ill post here the result Thumbs up

Did you get it to work? Tilt

The first scene in this video is good example that with manual camera might require several "takes" to get the movement correct:
Nice video Gutholz Big grin
Does it work with 0.6U? Because I'm getting this error: InSim : unknown packet (48 bytes) - Cameronaut!
Quote from Evolution_R :Does it work with 0.6U? Because I'm getting this error: InSim : unknown packet (48 bytes) - Cameronaut!

Seems like it does not work with 0.6U then. Uhmm

I hope to have my desktop PC repaired in the next weeks or so, then I will have a look.
Did you look into it? Big grin

Cameronaut (TV-camera that can be placed anywhere)
(14 posts, started )