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Quote from Crashgate3 :Mechwarrior 2 -

I remember playing this years ago and wondering if actual playable games would ever look as the intro.


Best intro to date for me! Wanted to post this earlier but there were only some racing game intros and i didn't want to be the black sheep in the bunch
Goose bumps every time when the music starts.
This used to be my playground back in 2007 and yet, I still play this game! My cousin introduced me to this game, he also ran his own server which used to be by far the best Latvian server from 2007 up to 2010. Good old times! Though playing this game today doesn't feel as it did back then..I only have good memories about it as it was one of the games that I used to play online with my mates.

GTA San Andreas - The Introduction
Quote from Nilex :
Goose bumps every time when the music starts.

I used to find the 'He's got a lock on me! He's got a lock on.." BOOOM!!! line, haunting.
Ahh some classics there. Toca 2, Gran Turismo 2, Crash Bandicoot. Brings back great memories. I've spent months playing Mobil 1 Rally. That was a classic game!

I haven't seen this posted yet, this was the first ever racing game I watched my brother play and which I had a go at playing when he let me near his computer!!!. Fav car was the Dodge Viper. Ahh it was a great game. Loved the getting arrested by cops video

Need for Speed 1994 - intro

Need for speed 1994 - gameplay

Need for Speed cop arrest

I actually have the original CD right here, just no way to play it on Win 7.

Quote from Speed Senna :Yep, played that on PC as a child, memories.... ;-)

Also my other childhood games:

FIFA 2001

F1 1998

NASCAR 1999 (R.I.P. The Intimidator)

Gran Turismo 1&2, Crash 1 already in the thread.

Anyone here PS1 Spyro fans (no intros added because they didn't have any)?

Fast Edit: added FlatOut 1 (not a childhood game, but this is great!) too bad it is an actual trailer and not an intro. Though Spyro 1-5 actually has an intro, which lasts few seconds e.g. in 1, it glides from the mountain and hitting the gnorc off the top of mountain, then the actual game starts by pressing start button

Game intros
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