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Fast And Crazy SimSports ... 28607244_061aff4a7f_o.png

Fast And Crazy SimSports is a bulgarian team found in 2008.We have started as a demo team,but now we want to prove ourselves in league racing.All drivers in the team are Bulgarians but we are opened for drivers from other countries to help us to accomplish our goals.If you want to join just PM one of the team members.

Current drivers line-up
Zlati Zlatev (kochomoch) - Team Founder and Leader
Borislav Botev (BorislavB) - Team Co-Leader
Lyubomir Stefanov (razlikataa)
Aleksey Angelov (alex_devil)
Valentin Velinov (DriftSlide)
Dimitar Raykov (Raykov.FD)
Gerrit Conradie (Jettascuba)
Venelin Venelinov (ventspils_619)
Viktor Paskov (roflowl)

Team's Skins with main team colors ... 67802136_0a0d8f3d11_o.jpg ... 86870322_d9dca6233c_o.jpg

Team Videos:

Team's achievements

Aleksey's Pole Position - Kyoto 400 2012
Zlati's 5th Place - Kyoto 400 2012
Zlati's 5th Place - Kyoto 400 2013
Lyubomir's 4th Place - GT4 Cup
2nd Place in Teams Standings - GT4 Cup
3rd Place in Teams Standings - Realistic NASCAR Cup Series 2013
5th Place in Class 2 Teams Standings - New Endurance Challenge 2013
Venelin's 5th Place in Drivers Standings - FOX Junior Season 3
5th Place in Class GT2 - 9 Hours of Aston by Genuine Racing
3rd Place in Teams Standings - AirAttack Amateur Cup
Zlati's 4th Place - Kyoto 400 2014
Lyubomir's 6th Place - Kyoto 400 2014
5th Place in Class GT2 - GT World Series 2014 Round 5 - 24 Hours of Kyoto Ring National Reversed
5th Place in Class GT2 Teams Standings - GT World Series 2014
3rd Place in Class GTi - CityLiga 10³ 1000 km
Venelin's 6th Place in Drivers Standings - FOX Junior Season 4
Venelin's 4th Place in Drivers Standings - Absolute Beginners S2 League Season 21

Huge thanks to Mihail Velikov,Dustin Lundqvist, Viktor Paskov, David Duffin, Paul Duffin, Pavol Szöcs and Adam Coupe for helping us so much in AirAttack Amateur Cup, GTi Trophy, 9 Hours of Aston GT World Series and GT1 Challenge.Also, thanks to my brother(Christian), who made our skins.

Facebook page:
#2 - Litro
Good luck and long life!
Good Luck
Thanks guys!

Fast And Crazy SimSports wish you Merry Christmas!Have a nice one with your family/friends! :wmann3:
Quote from ventspils_619 :Thanks guys!

Fast And Crazy SimSports wish you Merry Christmas!Have a nice one with your family/friends! :wmann3:

Merry christmas to Fast And Crazy Simsports!
nice work there
Well done iLike
Nice job, Bobi ! big 4 u !
Nice video guys, keep it up!
I felt nice intention within this video project, but that's it, basically. Don't want to get too much into criticism, but it should be told, as long it's constructive and necessary, because it might help the person in whom I see a perspective.

Well, know one thing: your close friends will always be on your side and support what you've done and the fact that you are doing something and even if the project touches them, but when you showing it to wider audience, which is neutral and forms objective opinion, the work and efforts can be judged from 180 spin angle, and pay attention to it.

As long you publish this video publicly, you are orientating to wide audience, so you face the fact the people are watching it. If you want an audience get involved into your video and feel how the team struggled to get where its now, you need to transfer that feeling to the audience in help of artistic and technical solutions. When project lacks of quality (mainly in terms of technical nuances, an editing stuff), it lowers the impression that you might want to escalate. You need to interest the audience and respect her. It's a major rule which I respect when I do my projects. I won't get into the details what is wrong with the project, you will figure it out by yourself, if you haven't done it yet.

The thing that I get really interested in this project, it's because it's more like deja vu feeling for me Your camerawork solutions and the way to edit the video and develop the story is basically really similar to mine projects, back 3 or 4 years ago. There was a moment when I really needed a person, who could guide me out on how should I edit the video, develop the story in my short movies, I met one and I've gone through it. I really hope and believe you will get better and better. Don't stop making projects if it really moves you and you like what you do. Good luck.
Nice video.Well done!

There were some good fights between Acex and you guys. I really enjoyed it.
Nice video !
- And thanks.
Gotta love new teams. Bringing life to this place. I like your enthusiasm.
Solid one, guys!
Getting Stronger !! Three new drivers joined Fast And Crazy SimSports today.
David Duffin (cougar8), Paul Duffin (paul88), Adam Coupe (maz17).Former Launch Racing drivers will help us get more depth in our squad.They are nice people and clean racers.We hope we will achieve
alot with those guys.Go Go FNC / Simsports !!
Good luck and only podiums!
Exited to be a part of such a good team
New driver join in our team! Pavol Szöcs (PaulSVK) join in Fast And Crazy today.He is 25 years old and come from Slovakia, Bratislava. Pavol like GTR class and he will help us to get more wins!
nice to see you guys growing!

Good luck! ... 46/FNCSYT_zps04c48efe.jpg
!Six Years Together!

Today is our 6th birthday.So much happened in this 6 years.Not everything was good, we had our ups and downs, laughs and cries but we managed to stay strong to this day.Those years of experience made us one of the toughest teams to race against.Now with all those years and new signings we are stronger than ever.Thank you guys for these incredible 6 years with you.

!Happy B-Day Fast And Crazy SimSports!

O,O six years. Good luck in the future.
New driver!
Viktor "scroLLeR" Paskov has joined Fast And Crazy SimSports.17 years old bulgarian, who will help us to become stronger in future endurance leagues/events.Welcome!

Fast And Crazy SimSports
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