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GRID Autosport
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GRID Autosport
GRID is back, and it has gone back to its roots!

Quote :- Offers previous features from the series
- Largest amount of content yet
- Will feel like an authentic experience
- Different styles of driving
- Career mode: become a professional pilot, get a teammate, get a sponsorship, and advance to the top
- Several types of cars ranging from prototypes to super-modified vehicles
- 22 locations
- Over 100 courses
- Online: join racing clubs and participate in weekly challenges
- Share stats and climb to the leaderboards of RaceNet

See the trailer here:

Codiesblog post here: ... troducing-grid-autosport/

Available on June 27th on PC, Xbox 360 & PS3.
"Largest amount of content yet"

what they didn't say it will all be in DLC packs
"Now with EVEN MORE input lag!"
I really enjoyed the first part of this series, great fun.
Second part of this game was just crap.
What are supposed to be its roots? TOCA?
Quote from NitroNitrous :What are supposed to be its roots? TOCA?

Codemasters have labelled it as a 'spiritual successor' to the TOCA series, placing more emphasis on open wheelers and tin-top racing cars on permanent road courses, as opposed to road cars on street courses.
Autosport...hmmm, when have you ever seen, in any Autosport you sit on the line you have hear Beep Beep Beep (3, 2, 1) Go!!!!.....epicfail

Fictional tracks so that "we can add crazy funtions"

Another attempt to sell an Arcade Racing game in my eyes

Why don't Codies download LFS + AC and with all their experience / talent (cough cough) Wonga produce the "ultima" Racing Sim...surly they must see there is a market for it


Nice to see the use of a type model, its as stiff as my daughter first bike with plastic wheels...I bet the damage model doesn't support Punctures ROFL
There is a market for simulators, but an even bigger for those simcade games. This is a lot better selling genre than our beloved, and after all they are living off money and producing these games a lot more often than simulators are even patched. Building a simulator for this community is not a simple "code and release". Codemaster games' life cycles are at most 3 patches long, then are left in the oblivion for players to abuse. Simulators need fine tuning all over its life cycle, which is a far bigger commitment than releasing a mass production with non-Newtonlike physics and enjoy the income. It's also a 3 platform game, which would make it somewhere around impossible to deadly to implement. Why can't you accept that there is a lot wider market for these racing games amongst the casual players, and we are the niche marketed group for the simulators and we shouldn't bash these games, rather enjoy our options.
TOCA was almost a sim so a great leap backwards is really promising as a move for codemaster.

At least TOCA could manage weather.......!!.

But, Codemaster are into 'big buck' returns on a project. LFS is clearly not into money, or patches, or updates etc, AC is where it's at ATM for sim racing, Imoney has it's niche and, apart from the ongoing 'pay us' as a business model, has a great sim program that works in an ok way.

It's great to see Codemaster feel that sim, rather than GTA style, is the way to go and, given their experience with racing they are capable of coming up with a decent sim.

Be great to see a competitor to AC and for the whole sim racing world to take a step forward in realism.
A competitor to AC as GRID? I'd call that a harsh statement. It's still something I'd expect to be closer to Shift than AC or any other simulator.
Wouldn't expect anything from Codemasters to be close to sim.
Quote from CardsetCrazy :Wouldn't expect anything from Codemasters to be close to sim.

Quoted for truth. All those sim-like features like tyre wear and fuel usage won't stop this game from being yet another arcade. (Although it has potential to be a fun game)
As much as they keep saying they have these sim-like features, i'm not expecting a sim racer in any way - If anything, i'm expecting to get the GRID 2 we were expecting.
I played a pre-alpha version of the game for an hour this morning - you can read my thoughts here: ... codemasters-refined-racer

In short: yes, it's simcade but it feels infinitely better than Grid 2, and I genuinely think that if you temper your expectations - ie it's not Assetto Corsa - you'll have fun. Assuming the career mode isn't a load of crap.

Oh, and I played it with a controller so I can't comment on input lag and all that jazz.
It was the thing that made GRID absolutely unplayable for me - there was a half second delay between any control input and the game responding.

If they have fixed that, I may give it a bash.
Quote from Mp3 Astra :I played a pre-alpha version of the game for an hour this morning - you can read my thoughts here: ... codemasters-refined-racer

In short: yes, it's simcade but it feels infinitely better than Grid 2

Eek. That's could be good or bad news considering it's pre-alpha. Someone higher up could complain it's too hard and back to the drawing board it goes.
The Handling Chronicles, an article from CodiesBlog. Makes an interesting read for how the physics were developed for the game.
I can't help but feel disappointed that they haven't got the good ol' Super Touring cars
Oh well, there's still the Super Touring car mod for GTR 2 if I want to go around Donington in my Primera with a full grid during a thunderstorm. ... discipline-focus-touring/

GRID Autosport
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