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Post your Mobile Desktop..
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Got 8.1 on it yet?
Nah, waiting for official one from Nokia.. Hearing there's lots of problems with developers preview..
This will be pretty much what you get after it has been verified by Nokia and the carriers, as it's gone 'gold'. Runs like a dream on the 520 here. Haven't heard any problems so far while browsing through /r/windowsphone even.
MS camera not working.. Whatsapp not nofifying, Internet Explorer not working on mobile internet.. I think this is the case for everyone, so yeah, not worth it still.
Camera works great, WhatsApp better than before and IE runs sweeet on mobile data (it's llightning fast btw!). This is NOT the case for everyone. I did see a few people talk about it, but most of those also had those problems on 8 from what I've seen. I honestly won't worry about it. It's so much better that it's just a no-brainer. And nothing a soft reset can't fix.
Android noobie here. Just bought a BLU Life Play a week ago.

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Heading the right way.
^^The hell

It's photoshop...
I know, but why.
He is so good at trolling right, i love his trolling, we need more of it.
not trolling, simply dont follow apple at all; is that what a new iphone looks like? (software, not hardware). looks stunning imho, still an android guy, but i might be looking for a mock of that shortly..
No, that's Windows Phone 8.1 desktop/UI.
gotcha, thank you. might find a mockup of that then :hide:

Nova launcher, Minimal UI icon pack.

Love this phone.
Asking for people who have Lumia 625/925

Did you receive Cyan + 8,1 update?
Quote from TexasLTU :Asking for people who have Lumia 625/925

Did you receive Cyan + 8,1 update?

My brother has. Check that website.
\o/ available here too.

Post your Mobile Desktop..
(555 posts, started )