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GenR GT Masters '14: R1 at KY GP - LIVE
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GenR GT Masters '14: R1 at KY GP - LIVE
The Genuine Racing GT Masters returns for 2014 with new hopes and ambitions! The GT Masters series will also be back live for the first time since it's very first race in June 2012. The event (first grid only) will be shown live and in its entirety with hopefully some commentary talent being there to cover the race. Pre-Qualifying for the event was very close, the whole of Grid 1 was within 2 seconds, but getting the lap nailed in just 20 minutes is another matter, especially with so many cars on track. The race itself will be 33 laps in length, with a mandatory pitstop to be made between lap 4 and 31.

The first pole position of the season will also count towards the 'Tomek Nogiec Pole Award', to give the honours to a driver who was one of the best when it came to blitzing a lap. The award will be won by the driver who scores the most poles over the whole season.

Broadcast Timetable:
Sunday 18:30 UTC: Start of Qualifying (no commentary)
Sunday 19:00 UTC: Start of Race

Live Timing:
Pre-qualifying results: https://dl.dropboxusercontent. ... Results/GTM14_R1_preq.pdf
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why is the stream unlisted?
Since this is the first time streaming our friends from racingmedia are helping us out because they have more experience with it. As the events progress we will have a dedicated channel just for streams and videos.
Ohhh sweet! Thanks
Quote :Dieses Video ist in Deutschland nicht verfügbar, weil es möglicherweise Musik enthält, für die die erforderlichen Musikrechte von der GEMA nicht eingeräumt wurden.
Das tut uns leid.

Stupid #!@?!&$ GEMA!
Good idea with the youtube streaming, i was able to watch smooth 720p stream for the first time in ages.
Cheers for the great quality! Didn't watch stream with so good quality since quite long time!
Indeed very very nice stream and an awesome quality judging from the on-demand
That was indeed another Dom commentating this time Good job
Great commentary, awesome stream. I enjoyed the race. Had some little incidents, but that's racing!

GenR GT Masters '14: R1 at KY GP - LIVE
(13 posts, started )