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3ds Max LFS Scenes (FULL SET)
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3ds Max LFS Scenes (FULL SET)
All wanted were the LFS cars converted into 3ds max Scenes so that I could get down to some 3D rendering.

I’m posting this manly because no where could I find any links that were up to date, or hadn’t been removed. I could also see a large number of people on the forum having the same problem. I also found out that CMX importer for 3Ds max only supports versions 6, 7, 8. So this was a no go as I have 2010 addition.

It took me ages to find this site, so to save others the trouble I’m posting up the link. It has all the LFS cars converted into 3ds max scenes + loads of other stuff on the site.

Hope this help some people
They are posted on this forum already. Keep it mind they're brazil IIRC, and outdated.
its like 5 years old
Quote from Bose321 :They are posted on this forum already. Keep it mind they're brazil IIRC, and outdated.

There is a new 3D model of the LFS?
[Audi TT], new rims on some cars, updated interiors etc.
Quote from bmwe30m3 :[Audi TT], new rims on some cars, updated interiors etc.

already 3dmax 2012 + vray is, and the model still in 3d max 7 + brazil - emphasis on this
Convert it than
For me it's difficult, I'm a novice in this matter. I have never created a polygon. Downloaded only 3d max 9. Sorry.
Yup. For me too. Invested some hours to install 3ds max 07 + Brazil 1.2something but only that was extremely time consuming to make everything work for this referred website/example/scene set. Spluttertime Brazil is discontinued and max 07 runs not very well on Windows 7 to name some difficulties.

Isn't there a LFS related website with scene files which are a little bit more recent? I discovered a FZRpublic scene set of e2mustang for example but that requires brazil2.0? Or.. I had problems with it anyway.

It just would be nice to have some more recent basic stuff for some casual rendering.
if it loads the scene u can just apply materials u download for your version. if u get max 2009 and vray 1.5 u can find a lot of scenes from me at 3d renders section
Can't because with Brazil I get dll errors because of Brazil<>3ds max version mismatches..

But hmm vray 1.5 you say? And then 3ds max 10 maybe, good enough?

3d render section, you mean that topic of over 300 pages? Hmm its a bit nasty but if I can find quality stuff there, then why not. ... Its also bit of a waste to let those scenes eat dust hm

Do you / anyone know if there is a helmet scene as well? Found some suggestions on the forum, it's not that I do not search but these links to websites, rapidshare etc all are dead
I'll just bump in here: Anyone knows where to find the FBM scene/model ? On ds-autos there are all the LFS cars except the FBM .
LE: managed to find this at least. No material mapping though.. so still interested in a model like on ds-autos.

OT: if you don't have the Brazil render, you could very well do it with mental ray or other. Just edit the materials so they are appropriate on the render engine you choose.

One alternative (and more user friendly) solution is Keyshot. Even material editing is pretty straight forward. The results are decent enough with little skill. Here is a WIP, after about 1H work (first time using Keyshot).
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3ds Max LFS Scenes (FULL SET)
(12 posts, started )