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BF1 Oval Challenge
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BF1 Oval Challenge
Many say that it cannot be done. I think that the tallent level in Live For Speed today will allow it to be a mainly green flag racing affair.

The BF1 Oval Challenge will be a 200 mile shootout

LFS Password: care
TeamSpeak Server: (Required)
TS Channel: Competitor's Room (General Race Chat)

Event Time Table

9 September 2013 (Monday)
15:55 GMT - Driver's Meeting on TeamSpeak (Required)
16:00 GMT - Single Car Run Qualifying (1 out-lap, 2 hot-laps & 1 in-lap)
~16:30 GMT - Grid stacking begins
~16:35 GMT - 2 pace laps
~16:40 GMT - 108 lap race takes the green flag
~17:40 GMT - Race Complete (57 minutes WITHOUT yellow flags)

General Rules
Drivers' in game names will be their entry number in white followed by a space and the driver's first initial followed by a period and then their full last name. Driver's initial and last name may be in any combination of colors. For example, my in game name would be as follows: 00 C.Corns (with the "00" in white)

Skins must be appropriate for those ages "13" and up and they may not display a number other than your entry number.

All competitors must fill out a registration on this thread more than a half an hour before the start of qualifying. No exceptions!

Qualifying Rules
Competitors will follow race control's instructions to exit the garage AND to begin their qualifying run. Competitors will exit pit lane, and at the start/finish line their first timed lap will begin. Once a competitor begins their first timed lap they will not be allowed another attempt at qualifying.

After finishing their second and final timed lap they must run the entire distance of the track and enter pit road in a timely manner. A driver may return to pit lane at any time during their run, but they will not be awarded with more laps in doing so.

The quickest of each competitor's two timed laps will be their time of record.

Race Rules

Race Start / Restarts
The session will begin with 1 pace lap behind the safety car single file followed by 1 double file (odd positions on the left side / inside). Safety car speed will be 240 km/h (150MPH). The pole sitter will begin accelerating in the restart area prior to the start/finish line marked by chalk lines and cones (video). There is no passing prior to the start/finish line on the start of the race!

Restarts will be the same as the race start but will be single file rather than double file. Drivers are not permitted to leave a large gap in attempt to make a pass just after crossing the start/finish line. When drivers are in pit lane the safety car speed will be reduced to allow drivers to pit under yellow without losing a lap.

Pitlane speed limit will be 80km/h or 50MPH. Drivers must pass below the committment cone just before the pit wall on exit of turn 3. Drivers may return to the racing surface after passing below the blend cone at the exit of turn 1. Those who speed entering pitlane, but average less than pit road speed from pit entry to the red timing line will have their drive-through penalty removed. Speeding elsewhere in pit lane will always result in a penatly as assigned by Live for Speed.

Drivers must remain to the outside of the yellow markings down pit lane except when pulling into or out of their pit stall.

To Register
Reply to this thread in response to the following information prompt.

Entry Number (0 - 999):
Driver's Real Name:
LFS World License:
Full Team Name:

Entry Number (0 - 999): 64
Driver's Real Name: Martin Kapal
LFS World License: Flame CZE
Nationality: Czech Republic
Full Team Name: SAVAGE SimSports

Entry Number (0 - 999): 52
Driver's Real Name: Tomáš Korený
LFS World License: Denny12
Nationality: Czech Republic
Full Team Name: rForce™
Entry Number (0 - 999): 47
Driver's Real Name: Daniel Petko
LFS World License: dany_five
Nationality: Slovak
Full Team Name: GETRAG Race Pro Media
Entry Number (0 - 999): 96
Driver's Real Name: Rony Kronpušs
LFS World License: Eclipsed
Nationality: Latvia
Full Team Name: Race Green Autosports
Entry Number (0 - 999): 32
Driver's Real Name: Patrick Hall
LFS World License: FalconBridge
Nationality: Canada
Full Team Name: Race Green Autosports
Any more people?
Event begins in 16 min.
I can't believe I missed something like this...

If you ever put on another challenge like this, I'll be sure to make it.
Quote from Mr. Kninja :I can't believe I missed something like this...

If you ever put on another challenge like this, I'll be sure to make it.

If there's anybody else who you think might be interested let them know about it next time too.. Those who were there enjoyed it (at least i'm lead to beleive so), but they felt it lacked competitors like most of our recent events

BF1 Oval Challenge
(9 posts, started )