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T3 & ZenWare patches for PRISM 0.4.4.
Has any one had the chance to review the changes made by T3 & ZenWare? If anyone can give me a quick go - no go with their plugins using their code updates to let me know if it breaks anything.
Most of the work done is style changes from the inconsistent style that all of the current devs use to the PSR-1 & PSR-2 standard. The problem I'm seeing is that I can't really see the code changes you've made because their a pretty much all burried in these code changes that happen all over the place. He first outright deleted content in one resulting in 21,817 line commit, then later on he added back 17,360 lines in a commit. These two commits result in 38k lines of code changes, that might not of really changed all of that much. But because of the way it happened, git's engine thinks these are all new lines.

Going over 17k lines is no small feat, but it also massively skews the metrics, and it's making it impossible to find out what really has changed. Pretty much all lines of code are showing up as lines that ZenWare wrote them. Also why were .c9save files committed only to be deleted later on? Also removing .gitignore is a bad step, some of us dev off the same tree we use on our servers and don't want our passwords leaked.

There are problems I have with taking this pull request 'as is'. Those problems really come down to the fact, that with all of the deletions and additions of the same code in different commits (making git forget who really wrote them) it's gonna be really hard to finger the correct person to talk about if we have a problem with the codebase. We'd have to look at these commits, and then track that back again to it's original true author. That's gonna be a pain in the ass.

I love some of the stuff in here. I like that every thing is namespaced and is written to a single spec. That part is really cool. The problem I'm having is the way that it was done as far as git sees it. I also really like that it's name spaced correctly, and that the modules were refactored correctly to something that I had in mind but ever got around to doing. So really good job on the re factoring of that code, that must of been a bitch.

Over all, I like the pull request, but I'm still going to have to go over it fully with a much finer tooth comb then I just did because I can already see some areas where I really can't explain what the code is doing.
As far as stability goes, it seems to work fine been running it on my cruise servers for a little over 2 weeks, and haven't had any crashes(that I know of), Most of the reason it's all screwy, is the fact we made the PSR-1 + PSR-2 Changes during the move over to name spaces, this made GIT freak out, because we were trying to undo the namespace stuff, but keep PSR, I don't suggest pulling just yet, him and I were talking about going back over everything again, and fixing up things that weren't correctly converted, and were missed(such as prism_packets.php).
Name spacing prism_packets.php would be an extreme pain in the ass, as it's used EVERYWHERE in the codebase. It's also not that elegant to do ...


... any time you want to use a packet.
Importing and aliasing is an option here, rather than using the fully qualified name each time.. Plus automated search and replace should be an option as well
Well, in an addon, you can always go "use <fully qualifyed packet> as <short name>"
Jay(ZenWare) and I are going through and redoing all the updates, The reason some of the files got removed was one of the commands that he ran to remove stuff from Cloud9(Online IDE, works kinda like google docs, and allows more then 1 person to work on the same file at a time, syncs with git, should check it out ) deleted some of the stuff for PRISM. In addition, we are separating the changes from the complete rewrite for now. and may make that PRISM 0.5.0?
Quote from T3charmy :And may make that PRISM 0.5.0?

You can start making releases for PRISM at that point on here. I really don't have the time for this currently, so I'm happy to give it to someone who can maintain it. I can ask Vic to give both you and Jay access to mod this forum as well so you can do releases property.
Quote from Dygear :You can start making releases for PRISM at that point on here. I really don't have the time for this currently, so I'm happy to give it to someone who can maintain it. I can ask Vic to give both you and Jay access to mod this forum as well so you can do releases property.

Well, I believe I was given mod access already, and Jay doesn't have an LFS account(he is more of a programmer then a gamer, though I could always ask him to make one). I'm sure him and I could maintain PRISM now that I have a decent grasp of how PRISM exactly works.
I think that might be the first Demo driver who becomes a moderator
I'd be happy to get him an S2 license.
Complete honesty though I only really started to contribute to PRISM because I'm friends with T3 and I like to be nice with my friends, if you guys are interested in making me a maintainer though I guess I don't have a problem with that. I just need to figure out how to actually use this source control software
Lol, git really is quite good. I've learned a lot of the stuff I needed from github's introduction to git. You'll pick it up pretty quickly. Once you get used to it let me know, and I'll give you write access to my repo of PRISM.
Ok, so I've merged these changes into my branch. If you'd like to make a release for PRISM 0.4.5 following to format that myself and Victor have used that would be great!
Teach me your arcane ways

EDIT: No I think I figured it out, we'll see.
EDIT 2: Well I'm still pretty sure I figured it out, but I don't think I have the required permissions to do it because the thread is closed and I can't post to it.
T3 should have access. If you want to wait for him.