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Post S2 content on a Demo account, and suddenly everyone loses their mind...

Now that the last edit didn't count, I worked on it some more, and this account is unbanned, so I can post it from here...



Quote :Originally Posted by xtraction
They can use custom skin too.

Do something like this?
link 1
link 2
I have done 2, Undecided on which is the best so this is NOT my final entry, If anyone thinks there is a better one of the 2 then please tell me
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Quote from bmwe30m3 :Neither.

Dont really see the point in commenting if your just going to say that , At least tell me what parts of it you dont like etc. Hopefully i can get some helpful comments.
I like nothing about your pictures.
Not that good camera angles, but those can be forgiven, because it's a matter of taste, but you haven't really done anything to the screenshots, just made the pictures darker and added lens flare filter.
If you don't have any ideas, then check other pictures online.
Thanks for the advice, after adding the mountains and lens flare i thought there was something missing but wasnt sure what, What sort of camera angles would you advise but i will also have a look around for other pictures.
How can people start to complain about pictures when theme is "Your imagination"?

Come on men, chill out and let them be...
Quote from Papadogas :
Round rules: (made by Gr1jkeeRU, added one point).

Wat? What rules I've made?
Quote from Gr1jkeeRU :Wat? What rules I've made?

Well, i copied everything from Andro comps.. You can check it, i dont know is it yours or no, but if no, why Andro wrote your licname? btw some nice entries here!
That was when win contest then choose next competition theme/rules
OK, now i understand, sorry for this.
I did search car designs with nice body lines and fit them together to make a mid class UF-1 called as UF-S and designed by me.
My meaning for this design was to make a small/compact, sporty and aggresive look. I just try something out and puzzled together...
*This was actually old pic from year back of a LFS Cruise meeting in WKD.*
I did only finish two of the pics from this meeting in WKD server.

This happens when you know how to work with textures.

Links of the pictures:

Originel picture:
Edited picture: ... sufsdesignforcompetit.jpg
Preview picture: ... sufsdesignforcompetit.jpg
Full res picture: ... sufsdesignforcompetit.jpg

Used programs:

1. Photoshop for editing and designing.
2. Adobe After Effect for lens flare.
3. Sony Vegas for Magicbullet.

I didnt make this picture for nothing.

I hope people like my design that i got together.

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LFS UF-S Design for Competition By PowerD 2013 HD.jpg
LFS UF-S Design for Competition By PowerD 2013 HD Pv.jpg
Man that Looks great
Awesome, PowerD! That looks so nice and clean!
Nicely done!
Thank you everybody.
I really like it to read this reactions.
Nice powerD , you are the sun , i'm the rain , gl hf
Quote from baptiste133312 :Nice powerD , you are the sun , i'm the rain , gl hf

thanks, gl too with editing
everybody is good or bad in something, but it is important to learn from each other to climb back up.
where are the tires? looks like there are just shiny rims in wheel arches