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Roadster 175 (Round 5) Confirmations
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Roadster 175 (Round 5) Confirmations
Please confirm that you will be attending this round by posting here. This is required. Failure to do this will result in your car not appearing on the tracker and/or the stream.

You will receive a drive-through penalty at the drop of the green flag if your confirmation is not submitted prior to May 12, 2013 at 13:00 GMT

Please submit the completed form below.

DO NOT change LX6 in your confirmations.
DO NOT add any spaces around the commas. Thank you.

teamName,LX6,number,username,full driver name,country

Realistic NASCAR,LX6,00,Cornys,Cameron Corns,USA

Realistic NASCAR , LX6 , 00 , Cornys , Cameron Corns , USA

Fast And Crazy,LX6,46,BorislavB,Borislav Botev,Bulgaria
Race Green Autosports,LX6,32,FalconBridge,Patrick Hall,Canada
Fast And Crazy,LX6,45,Jettascuba,Gerrit Conradie,South Africa
Fast And Crazy,LX6,53,kochomoch,Zlati Zlatev,Bulgaria
Fast And Crazy,LX6,83,razlikataa,Lyubomir Stefanov,Bulgaria
Race Green Autosports,LX6,96,Eclipsed,Rony Kronpušs,Latvia
-,LX6,28,Kid222,Zdeněk Cagaš,Czech Republic
SAVAGE SimSports,LX6,64,Flame CZE,Martin Kapal,Czech Republic
SAVAGE SimSports,LX6,23,Fast Jarda,Jaroslav Dohnalík,Czech Republic

Quote from Flame CZE :SAVAGE SimSports,FZR,64,Flame CZE,Martin Kapal,Czech Republic

Not sure
#12 - Jni
Iron Club,LX6,37,Jni,Joni Vähäkuopus,Finland
1stBFA,LX6,69,Jatimc,Sami Huovinen,Finland
H2O Motorsports,LX6,31,Yuri Laszlo,Yuri Laszlo,Brazil
Iron Club,LX6,40,MakePro,Markku Pietilä,Finland
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Roadster 175 (Round 5) Confirmations
(15 posts, closed, started )