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Personal Best Lap Times
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Personal Best Lap Times
Hi I am new to LFS and I still can't believe I have only just found it - simply brilliant. And it was a no-brainer for me to register!

On to my questions, which apply to single player / hot laps.

Is there a way to:

1. Store and see your personal best (PB) splits/lap times for each combination of track/car within LFS?

2. More importantly see these PB times while you are driving the track, so you know if you have beaten it or not at the end of the race?

3. Trigger a save when you achieve a new PB (so you can upload to LFSWorld)? At the moment I have to turn on save by pressing 2 ahead of attempting to do a best lap time and if it fails, delete the recording OR turn on auto saves and delete all of the failed attempts.

I was hoping these functions would be included in the game and have looked high and low but can't find any option to enable them. I have also searched the forums and couldn't find anything specific that fits the bill, although LFSLapper and LFStat seems to come close but they both seem quite old and have a lot more functionality that I am after - or would they do what I am after and are they still supported?

Thanks in advance and long may this game be developed and supported
Try Aonio - it's a clientside laptime tracer with few other useful functions.
Hi Greyheart and welcome to LFS! good choice!

As for a list of all your pb's, log into and select S2 hotlaps...this also shows how far off the world record you are and all manner of stats.

When racing online, most servers seem to display your laptimes by typing !pb or !stats. The actual commands are listed when you log into a new server but its pretty easy.

Have fun
Quote from Eclipsed :Try Aonio - it's a clientside laptime tracer with few other useful functions.

Thanks Eclipsed, that is exactly what I was looking for

And thanks for the welcome and good advice, egghead6 - I took a look at earlier today - very impressed.
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Don't forget you can also use the commands "/w wr", "/w pb", etc.
These commands don't appear to be doing anything for me. I have tried using them just before and during a hot lap, or are they only for on-line races?
They work only if you are on track in a server. A bit silly, because those commands are pretty useful.
These commands are useful, thanks Whiskey.

They have also helped me understand a bit more how LFS works and the fact you need to create/join a host to see more timing functionality, even if you are the only one on the server, and LFSLapper works for me as well now

Personal Best Lap Times
(8 posts, started )