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Dear Pole Position Driver Community. We first wanted to thank you for your support. We are updating today with some unfortunate news, is now closed down for good. We had huge pleasure in bringing the latest news to the community, but in all our efforts to bring new fresh content to the Sim Racing Community, there are 2 Sim Racing sites which have consistently been able to bring the Latest Sim Racing News for a number of years now and I do welcome you to visit them. They both do a fantastic job and I am more than confident they will be able to fill your Sim Racing News Needs.

Thank you once again for all your Support.
Shame, sorry it didn't work out.
Quote from BlueFlame :Shame, sorry it didn't work out.

Thanks for the message. I think I found myself wanting to get into racing a bit more. I found the new posting was just taking too much time, especially after a normal 8 hour day.

I'll still be in the community for sure.

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