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LFSCART 2012: Round 4 Confirmations
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LFSCART 2012: Round 4 Confirmations
Please confirm your participation for this race in this thread. You have until 15:05 UTC on Saturday, 14 July 2012 to confirm to the race.

Either the driver may confirm themselves, or the team Management.

Please follow this format:

Quote :teamName,number,username,driver name,country

*The comma (,) MUST seperate each field! Do not follow the comma (,) with a space! *

This will be Standard Operating Procedure for each round of this series - all rounds will be run with the tracker operational for ease of making results, etc. This WILL NOT mean that you may rejoin after a timeout - that is still prohibited.
Team Laptop Shop,2,steven_martin,Steven Martin,United Kingdom
LIFE F1,70,EliteAti,Anton Moroz,Finland
Last Lap Motorsports,21,Mustangman759,Matt Kingsbury,United States
Last Lap Motorsports,20,nathan246,Nathan Lamothe,Canada
#6 - Eiw
Sonicrealms Racing,81,Eiw,Yufeng Cai,China

SGP•Team,14,CodeLyoko1,Remco Majoor,Netherlands
SGP•Team,16,deking235,Damian Eikelkamp,Netherlands
SAVAGE SimSports,64,Flame CZE,Martin Kapal,Czech Republic
CoRe Racing 3,90,marakattimax,Teemu Suninen,Finalnd
CoRe Racing 3,91,_coca-cola_,Sami Anttonen,Finland
CoRe Racing 3,92,FL4SH-,Toni Lähteenmäki,Finland
CoRe Racing 3,93,MonkeyHead,Axel Falck,Finland
TheReality Racing Team,95,Invecs,Rolands Kampars,Latvia
TheReality Racing Team,96,Eclipsed,Ronalds Kronpušs,Latvia
Western Wolves,94,Robendo,Robin Friskopps,Sweden
Western Wolves,97,SCA-F1,Simon Cattell,England
Western Wolves,98,suzuki94,Mathias Wentjärvi,Finland
Western Wolves,99,IsaacPrice,Isaac Price,Wales
SAVAGE SimSports,23,Fast Jarda,Jaroslav Dohnalík,Czech Republic
Genuine Racing,08,Deutschland2007,Dominik Engel,Germany
Genuine Racing,10,TexasLTU,Klaidas Gasiunas,Lithuania
Genuine Racing,11,Feuerdrache,Sascha Riegler,Germany
Genuine Racing,12,terga,Alen Terzic,Bosnia and Herzegovina

Genuine Racing 2,13,krkriv,Krasimir Ivanov,Bulgaria
Genuine Racing 2,15,Bossforce,Virgil Mocanu,Romania
Conquest Racing,29,Gargus,Mateusz Daszkiewicz,Poland
Conquest Racing,34,Ziomek21,Piotr Goik,Poland
Dolan Racing,42,oscarhardwick,Oscar Hardwick,England
My3id Gaming,56,torpp1s,Joni Törmälä,Finland
CoRe Racing,31,Locovich,Dario Ramos,Argentina
CoRe Racing,32,kiste,Christian Kistner,Germany
Dolan Racing,01,arox123,Jarl Teien,Norway
Ping Timeout,28,Kid222,Zdeněk Cagaš,Czech Republic
spdoRacing,38,ChristijaNL,Ramon Blauwhoff,Netherlands
#22 - CSF
meh cba
Team Vires,71,Matias-,Matias Pikkarainen,Finland

LFSCART 2012: Round 4 Confirmations
(23 posts, started )