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[FMC] : LiveForSpeed - United
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[FMC] : LiveForSpeed - United

LiveForSpeed - UNITED


First of all - Thanks for reading this.
I want to thank all of you for giving me motivation and support in recent years. Without you, I wouldn't have the strength to do this anymore.

The content of this video is quite different than my others I did in past. It isn't my type of movie to be honest, but I think I accomplished what I wanted to show. And it's blowing my mind also, somehow.

This Video is dedicated to Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey and Victor van Vlaardingen and all members of, especially.

Please forget the arguing, fighting and bitching towards other people, that totally unnecessary molesting against each other.
And I hope, this video let you mediate a bit into this what we achieved in our recent time.

Because today - We're United.




Apart from so much energy, time and inspiration I brought into this, I hope you will like it.
Show it everywhere, show it everybody to let people know what we do.

If there's any mistakes of my english, I'm very sorry for this.

Thank you.

Maik Paluch.
Something different compared to your other videos for shure, but not in a bad way. Keep up the good work.
Touched my mind, it's sick bro!
love it. makes me want to stay at lfs and race
Masterpiece. Watching it over and over again. Awesome work. Thank you Maik.
Maik, thanks for reminding why did I started playing this game in first place. Now I couldn't even call it "a game", not even a hobby, it's more like a lifestyle to me. And you - you should be taken as a role-model to those people, who start crying for some ridiculous reasons and forget what this is all about. I take my hat of for you, sir. It is honor to be friends with this optimistic person, who never gets tired.
Great work Maik! It also took me to look at some of your iRacing work :melting:
Thanks for those words people, I really appreciate them, as always. Especially Laury, that was very nice from you.

I always say the same words, obviously by my poor english but in this case I go to do a effort.

I think there isn't videos as your, except some little cases. I enjoyed a lot watching your video because on each video you made you can increase the quality, the composition(I mean the syncronization, but is not that, I mean the feelings across the music in go to the heart of the espectator).

That is the point. I think you did it really and you deserve to be in the hall of fame of this forums and... well, another simulator forums, also.

Nothing more to say, my best wishes, Maik.
I appreciate this very. Without your words you telling me in recent years, I wouldn't achieve this what I'm doing now.
All in all I have to say, thank you people for being by my side.
Very beeeautiful :heartbeat, loved Blackwood ones... and looking at legendary LFS-Skins... Thank you!
The sky is your limit Maik.
*HIT JUST GOT REAL ! That was SUPERB. Nothing really else to say, just awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Thanks guys!
No intention to push this off-topic somehow, but wouldn't it be nice to meet the feeling this video gives you, in live LFS races ?
Great work. Whenever I see a video signed Firemike don't even ask my self "Will it be good ?". I know it will
As I wrote on youtube... this is top notch. The atmosphere that you create with this video is astonishing. Very well done, Maik. You are extremely talented! The music, the scenes, the words, it all goes along exceptionally well. For me, you just nailed this one. You're not just a good editor, or something. You have the whole package. You... are legendary :-)

And you used the same music as in one of my favorite movies all ready: ... -Pugw&feature=related :-D
@ luchian : Yeah, that would be nice. The question is how you want to do that - livestream before races maybe, that what I thought about.
@Tommy : Thank you dude, really appreciate it what you've said. Big thanks!

This movie is awesome.

Yours Sincerely

You’re all a bunch of butt was slow, out of focus, it felt like the end of something and the music was so dramatic that my lfs player almost committed suicide…

LOL I am joking of course, beautifully done mate, I loved it!!
Haha, thanks.
It is great stuff Mike! One thing I always come to the video section for: Your videos.
Maik, you're movies till now where ALL masterpieces. But this one just is special on it's own. With the quotes/textes in the video I must fully agree with emotion.

Thanks for making us enjoy your wonderful creations already for ages!
Quote from jrd.racer :It is great stuff Mike! One thing I always come to the video section for: Your videos.

LFSForum should have an own [FMC] topic!

BTW thanks once again Maik.
Beautiful one - the feeling while watching is just fantastic - no words!

[FMC] : LiveForSpeed - United
(31 posts, started )