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Baned FBM
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Baned FBM
I am new to Sim racing and have been trying to learn. I have never caused a 1st turn crash and usually spin on my own and get hit. I was hit from the side before the first turn on lap 1 and I get banned!!
If your going to ban ppl trying to learn don't run a demo server!!
Screw you and your server!!!!!!!!!
Do you have a replay of the incident?
Calm down, the ban is usually 12h.
I do not have a replay, like I said still trying to learn how everything works. I moved over to the right to let him pass and he hits me, he said sorry sorry and I am gone. I don't care if its 12 min. Its the damn point.
Well, you cannot do anything without an evidence. If they keep banning you, save the replay with 1 or 2 key and contact the server admins
Quote from BowHunt3r :I don't care if its 12 min.

Rofl. This happens on demo, get used to it. People get votebanned for clean overtaking there. Just chill.
Also one should note, that if it's demo, moving to the right in turn one would be moving to the inside.
T1 ist the most dangerous part in demo.

New players mostly do several mistakes such as:

Forcing Forward:
If other players slow down in front of you, they maybe got a good reason to do so - such as not to crash into other cars. Beginners mostly think its a good chance to overtake and end up with 3 cars next to each other in a really tight corner.

Ignoring Mirrors:
New players simply ignore them or dont recognize cars next to them. They would move at any side they want if they think they are faster there.

Many new players simply do block overtaking users. That often ends up in a crash as well, or a hit from behind. it is - by AA rules - only allowed to change the line once - and also its forbidden to directly block and cause accidents.

If you are outside in T1 and want to drive to the inside, be sure you will end up in a crash. Others will use the inside line as well.
Why will they? Because they also got cars behind them, which would maybe try to push forward. They can not brake earlier and let you simply take the whole outside and inside line. So you must think for more then only your car.

But nevermind, a ban shouldnt be the default punishment. For first a gentle hint/warning from limad, then if ignored a kick -> and only if that didnt had any effect - a temporary ban for some hours. Also limads usually dont ban for longer then 12 hours. Only people who crash on purpose get banned more long.

Baned FBM
(10 posts, started )