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Skin-able bonnet bra
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#1 - Omar1
Skin-able bonnet bra
I made a bonnet bra, which is 2048x2048, you will probably have to adjust it to fit the bonnet its going to be put on by rubbing out bits etc. Get this if you want the euro look, or if you just want a bonnet bra on your car!

little preview of it on an FXO

And an edited one on an RAC
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Bonnet bra preview.jpg
bonnet bra rac.jpg
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Wow that sucks omar haha joke man, not bad bro, abit blurry tho
the FXO one looks really horrible with low-res and not looking like leather at all, RAC one could use a bit more depth and actually the leather starting from between the lights and not having a few pixel gap there

Skin-able bonnet bra
(3 posts, started )