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Anyone using BT Infinity (Fibre) successfully?
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Anyone using BT Infinity (Fibre) successfully?
Hey there...
UK users only for this one I guess.

I used to be a Plusnet ADSL customer, until their traffic management killed LFS. They tried hard to fix it for me - I sent them a whole bunch of packet dumps, but no dice. They claimed it had some behaviour (port usage) that made it hard for their systems to recognise (and prioritise) the packets. Long story short - I changed to Xilo (partial LLU, C&W ADSL2+) - happily ever after.

Now BT have put fibre in my neighbourhood, and I'm very tempted, but it comes with an 18-month contract. So if it's not good for LFS, I'd be screwed. They have NOT claimed that it doesn't use traffic management (even for the package which has unlimited download).

So I'm hoping there are happy customers here who are using it already?

Ye from what i can gather it is good, fibre optic "can" deliver upto 1gb dl speed depending how thick the bunch is, so go for it ! Anyway its atleast twice as fast as the web you have atm. You can compare tests before / after the switch at
Well, the speed is likely to be excellent, but that's not what concerns me - it's the traffic management. In plain English, traffic management means that certain packets get priority and others can be badly delayed or dropped.

When Plusnet brought in traffic management, they took care to ensure that time-critical stuff got prioritised - e.g. gaming, iPlayer, other streaming video, Skype, other phone/videoconf stuff, that kind of thing.

Packets which can be delayed without pain include ftp, torrents, etc.

While their traffic management mostly worked OK, the problem for me was that they could not succeed in educating their systems about how to recognise an LFS connection. I can't now recall if it was the UDP or TCP traffic which had the biggest issues, but they said at the time that the port usage behaviour made it hard to recognise a consistent game signature... It sometimes worked beautifully but more often than not it was awful. After months of trying, I found a new ISP.

Doesn't matter how good your max downlink speed is - if traffic management kicks in at peak times and delays packets by a few hundred milliseconds (and drops plenty of them too) then LFS is unplayable.

So, I was kinda hoping to have a flurry of happy Infinity users saying that LFS was still working fine for them
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Hi - I don't know much about packet priority and suchlike, but I am using BT Infiniti myself with LFS and it seems fine. Speed test shows I get 38Mb uplolad and about 8Mb download speeds. A lot faster than I used to get with Sky previously, but honestly, don't notice a huge amount of difference.
That's good to know, thanks - basically it seems like at least a few people are using it without problems...

Anyone using BT Infinity (Fibre) successfully?
(6 posts, started )