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Forza 4 Meets/cruises
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#1 - Omar1
Forza 4 Meets/cruises
Would anyone be interested in having one? We all go to fujimi and park up, take pics and have a big convoy.
There would be car rules though, nothing above S class, and they gotta look good, jap, euro, rat, anything!, let me know if you're interested
I assume you're in the LFS team, what time are you going to have it. also make sure to turn damage all off including cosmetic, it's easy to get lag damage and ruin the picture.
#3 - Omar1
what team? and time, im unsure still, need to see how many people would be interested, and yes i'll sort that stuff. we'd all have to drive maturely and safely.
im down. i just have to re-join the lfs team
#5 - Omar1
Quote from el pibe :im down. i just have to re-join the lfs team

no idea what team you're on about :S
the lfs car club. yes there is one.
#7 - Omar1
didnt even know..
sorry guy's , i let my brother borrow my x-box for the week, i wont be able to add anybody to the team until next week. my bad.


if someone would like to start another club for the meet I would join, any other member's?

i could not find the forza 4 thread. so yeah. the horizon demo is not that bad tbh. it is arcadey but just enough to be enjoyable. this game is the new TDU. it is what TDU2 should have been.

i might consider preordering the LCE

only complaint i have is that the cars feel kinda easy to drive, but the viper is shit without tc and at high speeds the steering is like a feather.
sold forza 4 a while ago

Forza 4 Meets/cruises
(10 posts, started )