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Joe Shaw - "5haz" - Some Tragic News
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I've donated to the charity listed above, with the following message incase anyone else wants to use it too:

"In memory of Joe "5haz" Shaw - He will be missed by all."
Supported aswell, with the same text as you.
In Memory of Joe Shaw-he sounded like such a great guy, my thoughts to his family.

So young.....

I didnt know Joe, but events like this always make me think how fragile life is....

My condolences to the family and friends
RIP 5haz
my god his a good racer now I missed him R.I.P. Joe
in Name of all the [WKD] Cruisers who didn't post,

May he Rest in Peace. My Condolences to his family and Friends.
Crikey never nice to come back to the forum to see someone has passed away.

RIP Joe.
I´m sure he is racing in heaven
Way too young to die!

Genuinely shocked to read this tragic news.

RIP 5haz.
Just saw this thread with sparkydave's name and thought I'd say hello. Sparky was on the track and won my first ever online lfs race.

RIP the chap that died
Rest in Peace Joe. Way too young.

Not very active these days, stumbled on this via forum sigs in a search (thus lateness of my condolences). Shocking.
I know Its late but I just saw that on el pibe signature.

I cant believe it, I am shocked.

I had some of the most enjoyable close racings with him at my lfs beginning. Cant believe he is gone. He was such a great guy

Rest in peace Joe
Had quite a few arguments with the cheeky sod!
It's tragic news and i'm gutted!

My condolences to his family and friends.

R.I.P Joe '5haz' Shaw

Joe Shaw - "5haz" - Some Tragic News
(170 posts, started )