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this post is only for uploading pics...
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FXR Rockstar Wallpaper by itsPhilthy -.-
Rockstar FXR by:

S2 licensed

Click image
Get the Skin here
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Well that F** sexy to say the least. Awesome skin too.
i was going to try rendering but.. i cant compete with this.. :Kick_Can_

awesome once again
GenR FO8 Render
some shots from GenR`s FO8
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GenR 3.jpg
GenR 4.jpg
GenR 5.jpg
F1 Maniac Request
requested by:

F1 mainiac
S2 licensed

Racername: -TRR- King
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:wow: Thx philty they are aswesome !!
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itsPhilthy`s -.- Showroom
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