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FebruDerby 2012 - TODAY 12-2-2012!
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FebruDerby 2012 - TODAY 12-2-2012!
Dear Banger/Derby & Crash fans,

Team Rock Racing throws in a fun, last moment event today!

We will organize the FebruDerby 2012!

Basically it is DD/Destruction Derby, NO rules!! Just wrecking, and trying to finish.

18:30 - 20:00 UTC
19:30 - 21:00 GMT+1

-TRR- Events

Anyone is welcome, and there's no registration needed.

But it would be nice to leave a message here, if you're coming!

We will start with a track originally used in the Vonken Banger Tournament 2010: 5 Laps with XFG @ SO2_SouthHelly (by Rockclan & Niggo)

Than a brand-new wreckage track: 2 Laps with RB4 @ FE1X_CaMoRa (by Rockclan)

Now a fast one, on the oBal Ring: 10 Laps XFR @ AU1_oBal (by Rockclan & Niggo)

Than, a new layout: 12 Laps UF1 @ AU1_Lemmer Racing (by Rockclan)

And as final, an empty AU2, where people just start wrecking, till 1 car left. ALL_CARS @ AU2

We are looking forward, to some lovely wreckage!

Kind Regards,
Team Rock Racing
#2 - rik97
I am in
I'm in!

But nice crashing for the 2 races I attended.
Will there be another Derby ?

FebruDerby 2012 - TODAY 12-2-2012!
(7 posts, started )