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Hi poly cars by me !
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Hi poly cars by me !
Hey guys !

I have good news for you modeler and render gurus ! Now many of you know my work,many of you might not,but in that case visit 3D renders section

So i've been working on hi-poly lfs cars and now it is ready for download yay !!!
I also included a short tutorial video for starters
Have fun guys

Excuse me for not adding any preview pictures,but i do not have time rendering

Excellent tutorial, thanks!
I see what you did there.

nice one...but any chance to get them in 3ds....i am too lazy to install max and convert them...i think it would be great also for other users who working with freeware
Tutorial was so informative.
want to see it but If i press download nothing happens ... =(
sometimes have to try it few times,refresh etc
hmmm... maybe some guys understand this joke.
but for me it is , i like ur renders alot but for what point was that ?
its a forum prank
attention seeking

Hi poly cars by me !
(10 posts, started )