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Changed my mind, here is 1.9.6 with support for LFS Pub stats version 1.5 and so all of the things that come with it. All showcase pages are present, some have been updated, some have not.
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thanks, fuel column now appearing.

Excellent work.
Version 1.9.7 includes full support for what was added in Version 1.5 of Victor's LFS World Pub Stats. Even more show case pages where updated, but not all of them are done.
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split3 not returned.

just updated to 1.9.7, I'm afraid that PB retrieval isn't returning vales for split3. tried 1.9.6 and thats doing the same: just returns 0 for split 3 time.


scratch that...
its LFSW stats not returning split3 time.
Be sure to get stats from a config that has 4 sectors.
Pubstat will always return the last split as laptime. So for example on BL1 you will get split1, split2 and laptime while split3 will be 0.
Thus you'll get split3 > 0 only on FE4, AS6 and AS7 ...
Any 2-sector-config will have split2 as 0 too
Pretty much what avetere just said.
yeah, i'm having a retard moment.

had an error in the code i have been working on and was reading from the wrong bit of the array.

false alarm:chair:
Is it intentional that the first post links to 1.9.3 instead to the more current 1.9.7 of the SDK?
Quote from three_jump :Is it intentional that the first post links to 1.9.3 instead to the more current 1.9.7 of the SDK?

Nope, over sight on my part. Thanks, going to fix this now.
Hi Dygear!

I just found a little mistake in the SDK.

IMHO the lines 430-433

if (($result = $this->make_query("&action=wr&track={$track}&car={$car}")) !== FALSE) {
foreach ($result as $i => $data)
$result[$i]['flags_hlaps'] = $this->convert_flags_hlaps($data);

should be

if (($result = $this->make_query("&action=wr&track={$track}&car={$car}")) !== FALSE) {
foreach ($result as $i => $data)
$result[$i]['flags_hlaps'] = $this->convert_flags_hlaps($data[B]['flags_hlaps'][/B]);

Besides I would like to have the original flags_value stored somewhere like:

[flags_hlaps_raw] => 1537
[flags_hlaps] => Array
[1024] => MOUSESTEER

Otherwise I had to array_sum(array_keys(flags_hlaps)) to get it.

Keep up the good work.

Pascal aka paXton
I tend to shy away from adding a property that does not belong there, but I agree that the information should be more flexible. I think in the case you described, there will be a proper fix for it in 2.0.0 as you can say how you want the data given to you.
repeating requests on error without tarpit
Hi Dygear!

Another issue with the great LFSWorldSDK.

Shoudn't this code (line 56-60):

if ($this->ps === FALSE && $this->fpass === TRUE && (time() - $this->time) < 5) {
sleep(6 - (time() - $this->time));
$this->time = time();
$this->fpass = FALSE;

looks like this:

if ($this->ps === FALSE && $this->fpass === FALSE && (time() - $this->time) < 5) {
sleep(6 - (time() - $this->time));
$this->time = time();
$this->fpass = FALSE;

I'm not sure if i'm right, but it seems that this caused our server block on lfsworld pubstat access and some nice trouble with Victor.

Please take a look at the SDK.
If i'm wrong, please ignore, it's late tonight. 8)

Ciao... Pascal