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Sensible setups for streetcars
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Sensible setups for streetcars
So far i've seen a lot of (for me) alien setups so i thought i'd sit down and try to do some "balanced" (as in not too much over or understeer) setups for the street cars on BL1. Mind that i have followed some of the discussions here on the fora regarding locked diffs and overdamping and such and tried to stay away from it while making (almost) competitive setups

Try them or not... your choice

Download, dissect or destroy them at your pleasure

Moar may be coming for other tracks soon, but these are for BL1


Attached files
XRT_gg_BL1.set - 132 B - 1582 views
FXO_gg_BL1.set - 132 B - 977 views
RB4_gg_BL1.set - 132 B - 1081 views
XRG_gg_BL1.set - 132 B - 1053 views
FZ5_gg_BL1.set - 132 B - 1250 views
RAC_gg_BL1.set - 132 B - 920 views
LX4_gg_BL1.set - 132 B - 644 views
I decided to have a look around to see when new patch is expected
to arrive and after that went to forum...and your name came in mind...
where can I find if Gridghost is active here? but in "setup" of course!
How are you?
Happy to see you in both games!
Will check out this setups too: you are a trustable source!

Hi Zorro (or Lucky Roy ) Nice to see a friendly face around here. Try them out and see if they are good for ya... otherwise... tweak them to your liking.
wait...why are there different setups for different tracks? you dont change your setup on your real car when you change lanes, or roads....or are these not casual driving real life sets?
Those are sensible setups... As in no overdamping, no locked diffs and modest rollbar strengths. Look at them as a ground to build upon rather then a finished set... If you look at the general setup of the cars you will see that not much has changed apart from gearing, some camberchanges and rollbars.

And as i can reach times within benchmarks with these sets i rather think they are raceable, and not casual as u say.

alright, carry on......good idea

I'm kinda lazy so my goal is to find a "universal" base that works on most tracks to build my setups around. So far it has worked better then i expected it to
Finally sets i've been looking for. Tried to make similar sets myself because I'm quite much a one-setup driver (well, mostly change gearing for some tracks and I hate locked diffs) and these are close to perfect for me. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
Nice to see that you like them setups . Im working on some more right now and will post them later on.
/me likey likey They handle very well,cheers for the sets!
well , well , hi Grid and Zorro , good to see both of you here .
gonna try out youre setups for bl Grid , cheers.
Don't suppose you could do some of these sensible setups for LX4 and LX6?
I could try, but i wont make any promises... i'm not that used to those cars and haven't been playing for some time now.
ok but if u could try that would be great because i love your other setups for the other cars
So, now i've done a LX4 "sensible" setup for BL1... enjoy.

Sensible setups for streetcars
(16 posts, started )